Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Champion Clothing Review

I had a half marathon this past weekend and had the opportunity to wear some new gear when I raced!  This is great not only because I loved the gear, but it meant I actually wore something different for a race than I have for the past couple years. 

Champion sent me an amazing sports bra to try out!  The All-Out Support Sports Bra is extremely comfortable and yet has the "support of 2 sports bras."  It did take me wearing it a few times to get all the adjustments correct, the hook closure in the back and the straps to the right length.  I love the fact that it is a racerback and also has a back closure.  So many racerbacks do not feel like they have a good fit around my rib cage.  I will definitely keep this in my regular rotation.
Next was a new shirt, the Champion Vapor PowerTrain Tee.  I was sent a pink shirt, though it does come in many different colors.  It was perfect for 13.1 miles.  It did not show the sweat!  It did not ride up and show my mid-rift (no one wants to see that)!  And yet it fit like a women's cut tee shirt.  Champion is selling it for $20 and for that price I am sure to buy more.

The next items I did not wear for the race, but I have worn them and love them all. 

The Dazzle Seam-Free Sports Bra is about the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn!  Can you say "seamless?"  It is rated for high support, which is not quite enough for a long run, but it has been great when I scrimmage with the U10 soccer kids during the week.  This sports bra comes in many different colors as well.
Next up are perfect for this time of year, the Balance Jacket and Pant.  When I sent in my sizing so they could send me the right size clothing to try I was not sure how this was going to work.  I generally wear a medium in running clothes, but pants I tend to go up to a large for most brands.  When I opened the box the both the pants and jacket were mediums.  Hmmmm.  Buying in the store I probably would have gone up to a large for the pants because I like freedom of movement and my pants a little loose.  I wore them a few times and quickly realized that a medium is the right size for me as they are just like a yoga pant and I have lots of movement in them!

Both are fitted pieces.  I have been wearing them to the soccer field, playing with my kids, and lounging around the house.  Talk about the right combination of stretch with moisutre-wicking material!  I generally do not spend a lot on jackets for exercise, but this one would be worth it. 

**These items were sent to me free of charge.  The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.