Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furry Fun Run 5K RR

Yesterday morning was a fun morning and a whole family event.  We all went to Maddie's first race (during which I ran with her)!  

It was a nice morning for the race.  We were one of the first ones to arrive.
Since we were so early, the kids wanted to take a picture of me with Maddie.  The problem is that Maddie doesn't like to look toward the camera.  Instead, she goes straight to the closest person thinking she is going to get a lot of petting and then cuddles in.  I love it, but it doesn't make for a great picture.
We had plenty of time before the race so Maddie and I had a little chat.  I explained the "rules" of racing to her, told her she should run her own race, and to not go out too fast.
my favorite picture
In some of the photos you can see a green scarf on Maddie.  When we checked in she received one because we adopted her and found her through this rescue (though she wasn't adopted directly from them).  She is part of the Peppertree family.
see...whole family event!
My confirmation e-mail said the race would start at 9 and that is what I went by.  9 came and went.  9:05 came and went.  Thankfully, ADP was listening to the few announcements they had and we found out the race would start at 9:15 (when I got home I looked at the website and it also said 9:15).

When there are dogs running/walking with most of the people you don't line up too early.  We were in our place for about 3 minutes and it was more time than needed.  The dogs were getting excited, wanting to move around and run.  Maddie isn't one of those dogs; she laid down so I could give her a belly rub.  :)
and we are off
I knew where ADP and the kids would be during the race so I made sure we ran on the correct side of the path.  We were on gravel at the very beginning and end of the race, the rest was paved paths through a beautiful park.  
Maddie has no idea her family is there, she's running!
The start of the race was nothing less than chaotic with dogs taking off running (all dogs had to be on leashes), criss crossing, and the dust that was kicked into the air was thick.  You could feel the energy at the beginning of the race; it is a different energy than a "human-only" race.  If you have ever run a race with dogs, you know how true this is!
and then she took off
Maddie and I run together about once a week (when the weather cooperates).  This spring, while it has been nice, has not afforded us as much time to get out and run as last spring.  Maddies' longest run this spring was ~2.5 miles so I knew she could pull off a 5K.  Our normal runs go like this:   Maddie in front for a mile, Maddie and I run side by side for a mile, I run in front for the last mile.
the kids had their fun running around while waiting for us
Remember me mentioning the little chat we had before the race about going out slow and running our own race?  Maddie didn't listen!  She tried to take off at a full sprint and I spent the first mile pulling her back.  My arms got a great workout (as did my legs) trying to slow her down.  She kept right on pulling!
mile 1.25, can i stop now?
The course was in a rough figure-8, so we saw the family about mile 1.25.  I don't know how ADP got it, but there is a picture of Maddie running.  This time she saw ADP and the kids and tried to stop.  She wanted to stay with them.  NO WAY!!!  This is your race!  She did slow down and when I noticed she was lagging I made her walk for little bits.  She didn't want to walk, but she did better after we took a little walk break
Coming into the finish line

here we go Maddie...only a couple more meters
We watered Maddie,  gave her some treats and cooled her down by walking before getting back in the car and heading home.  It was an exciting morning for everyone in the house!
post race nap in the kitchen
The results have not been posted, but I do have my garmin information:
3.09 miles
29:02 minutes for a 9:24/mi average
splits:  8:53, 9:43, 9:33, 52 seconds

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Squeak, squeak, squeak...

I'm having treadmill woes and have been most of the winter (so it seems).

It all started a while back with my treadmill (TM) squeaking a little during the first 1/4 mile.
And then it was the first half mile.
And then the belt started slipping a little when ADP would run.
And then ADP almost went over the front console when the TM stopped.
And then ADP wouldn't run on it and I tightened the belt.
And now it squeaks for the whole run.
squeaky TM

FRUSTRATION abounds!  I love my treadmill and it has treated me well for many years.  I wrote to the company and since it is long out of warrantee I had to e-mail a different address.  Thankfully I got a quick response and had what seemed like a hundred questions to answer.

Based on the questions and answers, I have a feeling the deck is going.  (AAAAAHHHH)  I have not heard back from the company yet, but I am fearing more squeaking or a big expense to fix it.

Even if the squeaking goes away it still doesn't help ADP get on the TM.  Yes, it stopped on ADP ... twice.  I think it is because he was pushing the TM to the max.  See, he runs fast and our TM tops out at 10 mph.  ADP's 5K pace is ~6:00/mi (a.k.a. 10 mph).  So, should we need to replace the TM I have a feeling we'll be getting one that goes even faster.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Exciting Race Coming Up

I just found out that the spring soccer season* doesn't start until 4/21 (I had it in my calendar starting 4/14). With a free Saturday I promptly logged into my local running club's website and realized one of the races I wanted to do this year is on 4/14.  I can do it with the delay of soccer!

I'm registered for the Peppertree Furry Fun Run.  I believe it is a 5K, though I'm not 100% of the distance.  I'm not running this race for time.  I'm not even running it for me.  It's going to be Maddie's first race!  My pup is going to have a blast.

Why this race?  Easy!  Maddie is a rescue and we found her through Peppertree Rescue.  I am glad I can give back to them...even if it is benefiting Maddie and me as well.

*Soccer in our house is a whole Saturday event and we don't miss soccer because if we don't go then the coaches aren't there.  So, for 10 weeks in the spring we can be found at the soccer fields and not out running (that happens on Sundays).

The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide

Ryan Robert wrote me back in February (where has the time gone?) and asked if I wanted to review his book The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide.  I am an avid reader and I love running so how could I refuse?

He sent me an eBook and I was all set to read it.  It took me a little to get going in the book because life was going full speed.  When I finally had time I flew through the book!

I love how the book is set up.  There are five chapters and each is set up about the same way.  There is information about a topic followed by a few tips to help you achieve the topic.  The five chapters are:

  1. Getting Ready to Run (gear, form, breathing, warm-up & cool-down, heart rate, and more)
  2. Raising the Bar and Staying Motivated to Run (pushing to the next level, improving performance, different types of paces, staying motivated, visualization, and more)
  3. Nutrition, Hydration, Running in Adverse Conditions, and Common Injuries (simple nutrition, various weather conditions including cold, hot and wet, and those all too common injuries)
  4. Running Inspired (this is a short but very important chapter about running and how it is completely in our control)
  5. Training Schedules (there are suggested schedules for active beginner runners, non-exercisers, weight loss, and for people 50 and older)

I can see how this is for beginners, but it is also a good book for seasoned runners as a good reminder about running and what it is all about.  One part of the book I keep going back to is:
Staying Motivated Tip #7:  When you really don't feel like running, take a deep breath and say, "Okay, I'll run today, but then I'll take tomorrow off."  This is a bit of a lie, of course, for we will say the same thing the next day.
There are those days when most of us have to motivate ourselves to get our running gear on and get out the door.  
You can buy Robert's book at Amazon here.  Today it is $4.99 for the kindle edition, although for all of you who are Prime Members it is free.  You can also find their facebook page here.

My final thought:  I really liked this book and even though it says "beginner's" on the cover I know I will be going back to it time and again to look things up.