Saturday, December 22, 2012

Treadmill has a New Home

The past few months have been interesting and slightly chaotic at times. My wonderful exercise room is no more because we sold our home and now live in a townhouse style apartment.

Moving has its own challenges and it was bittersweet moving out of our house. We brought our kids home from the hospital to that home. It was the first home we owned. It had a fitness room just for me (ADP could use it but he preferred the gym). One of the last things I packed up was all the exercise equipment.

Most of the exercise 'stuff' is packed away in the storage unit. My treadmill, however, has a new home. We could have turned the extra room at the apartment into a playroom or a storage room but we didn't. It houses my treadmill, the dog, and a few extra storage things. It is good to have my 'mill in my current home so I can run whenever I have time!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Shoes

I am looking forward to hitting the trails next spring in these awesome shoes!