Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fixing a Treadmill

My treadmill has gone SQUEAK - SQUEAK - SQUEAK for way too long.  I called the manufacturer and we went back and forth.  Apparently both the deck and the belt were due for replacement.  I finally ordered them and had time to replace them (with ADP's help).

The parts arrived and sat in my exercise room for a week before I did anything:
6# little box and 42# large box
I did not know how long it would take to replace both the belt and the deck, so I picked a day with little going on.  The directions were pretty clear, thank goodness!  First up, take all the extra protective covers off...
bare bones
Then remove the rollers:
the back belt roller
Then remove the deck and belt (they come off together).  The TM looked really funny without the extras on it.  And it wanted to be closed up.  Apparently it is the weight of the deck that holds it down.
from the back

the front
Then the hard part started...putting it all back together with the new parts.  It wasn't hard to assemble, but the back tension screws would not go where they were supposed to.  When we measured the deck, the new was slightly smaller than the old which was the problem.  With some teamwork we got it fixed and looking like new.

I ran on it and OH MY, is it ever quiet.  I will not miss the squeaking!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cleared to Run!

Just a week after my car accident my doctor cleared me to run!  My car was totaled and I have a new-to-me car.  Last week was a whirlwind and it all ended up much better than I could have ever hoped considering how it started.

I was cleared to run just in time for my July race, Silks & Satins 5K which benefits the Special Olympics.  I didn't run during the week and my neck was still tight so I did not race the 5K.  I want to make it back to 100% before I try anything silly like that.

Early Saturday morning I headed to Saratoga Springs, where track season started the day before.  I got there early enough to watch some of the horses warming up:
I picked my bib up and then watched the horses some more.  My plan was to hit 10 min miles and to keep my heart rate down and my breathing even.  It was a good plan and I almost stuck to it.  I went more by my breathing and was doing fine at 9:45 to 9:50/mi so I stuck with it.

Right after the first water break I came across one of my favorite people to run into at Fleet Feet, Patty.  She is a sweetheart and this was her first race in a long time (due to injury).  When I mentored new runners through No Boundaries she was always there as the Fleet Feet rep.  I ran with her and she was doing great!  I was happy to be going slower so that I could talk when she needed some encouragement and to listen when she wanted to talk.  She pushed it at the end and was happy to have the race done.  It was fun to run with someone new!  When we finished I found out that she used to be a sub 25 min 5ker!  Wow!
The race was just what I needed after the week I'd had.  I wasn't going for time and was happy with how I felt throughout the race.  My neck and back never hurt, and for that I was happiest.
Garmin (started watch at start line): 3.13 mi / 30:17 / 9:41 ave
Official (no starting mat): 5k / 30:38 / 9:52
Place: 612 of 847

horse crossing
When I left I had to wait for about 10 horses to cross the road. They were either headed to warm up or done and needed to be taken back to cool down and be tended to.  Horse racing is big in Saratoga and the horses definitely had the right of way!

the interesting mix!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Quite Running

I have not been cleared to run, but I will be! This weekend there was a car accident that was not pretty in any way. Two cars were totaled in the accident. Thankfully, all three people involved walked away from the accident with no major injuries.

I was one of the drivers and surprisingly enough I have only one black and blue mark on me. However, my neck, back, and through the back of my shoulders are sore. I was checked out by the EMT's on the site and then went to the ER later in the day. They all said I'd be in pain and said I shouldn't run. This Friday I go to my GP and I hope to be cleared to run.

This weekend I have a 5K planned. If I am cleared to run I am not going to race this one. It would not be a good idea! The car is a goner, as is my front license plate (pictures below). So, if you are running, know I am jealous of you. I know better than to dive right back in after a car accident.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Run out West

Last week we were visiting ADP's family in Montana.  We kept busy which left time for only one run when I was out there.  One was fine because we did a lot of other things, like hiking and driving up the side of a mountain on what I felt was a way too narrow road!

The day I ran we had a full day planned, so I was up and relatively early.
the sun was up!
It was fun running along the lake for a while.  The sun was up enough to light the sky and the lake was calm as glass!
Flathead Lake
The first mile was downhill, which meant the last mile was uphill because I did an out and back.  It was a simple four mile run for fun and pictures.
the running path
I did run slower than I usually do.  Most said I would not notice the altitude.  While it wasn't as bad as I thought, I could tell I was at 2800' as opposed to 300' above sea level.
a flower that caught my eye
I ran out two miles and saw this trail sign.  I wanted to go farther, but only went down the path a little before turning around.  It would be neat to have time to run more on it.
I made it back in time to get ready and head to Glacier National Park for the day.  It was a good and easy run.