Sunday, June 17, 2012

ADP's Father's Day 5K

the starting line
It was a great morning for a 5K.  It wasn't too warm, there was a nice breeze, the sun was behind clouds and my job was taking pictures of the family.  No wonder I liked this 5K so much.

and they are off
ADP was the one running.  ADP has run this race four years in a row now and he really likes it.  This year the course was different, but in a better way (no 180 turn-around, just a few sharp 90 degree turns).
looking good!
see ya when you come back
ADP had a great race up to mile 2.5 and then he got a side-ache.  Those suck!!    
ADP and his cheering crowd
ADP slowed down for the last mile because of the side ache and still finished strong.
final stretch
Here he is at the finish line with 5 guys chasing him down:
and DONE!
Father's Day 5K 2012:  18:40
Overall:  11th place
AG:  3rd place (a nice mug for an award)
Happy Father's Day ADP!


Suz and Allan said...

Wow, he's fast! Great race!

Teamarcia said...

ADP looks like he was hauling ass and I was right--wow smoking fast! Congrats to him! What a fun Fathers Day!

Black Knight said...

He is very very fast, congrats!

Jill said...

How cool is that!! Congrats to ADP, a great FD present to him! :)

Hope you're doing well...I'm so behind in life - and blogs!!