Sunday, June 17, 2012

ADP's Father's Day 5K

the starting line
It was a great morning for a 5K.  It wasn't too warm, there was a nice breeze, the sun was behind clouds and my job was taking pictures of the family.  No wonder I liked this 5K so much.

and they are off
ADP was the one running.  ADP has run this race four years in a row now and he really likes it.  This year the course was different, but in a better way (no 180 turn-around, just a few sharp 90 degree turns).
looking good!
see ya when you come back
ADP had a great race up to mile 2.5 and then he got a side-ache.  Those suck!!    
ADP and his cheering crowd
ADP slowed down for the last mile because of the side ache and still finished strong.
final stretch
Here he is at the finish line with 5 guys chasing him down:
and DONE!
Father's Day 5K 2012:  18:40
Overall:  11th place
AG:  3rd place (a nice mug for an award)
Happy Father's Day ADP!

Mud Mania 2 RR

For the second year (of two), Amanda and I went to the Mud Mania race.  They added obstacles and had a lot more people.  Some of it was good (better food and more people), some wasn't (standing in line to go through obstacles).
Parking at the park was full so we parked at the school and caught one of the shuttle busses.  Once there it was easy finding our way around since we had been there the year before.
Amanda had picked up our bigs the previous day, which was really helpful.  We were in the second wave which had the benefit of watching the "elite" runners come in while we were waiting to start.

The beginning of the race was different this year which made the first ~mile more interesting, but there were three times we were at a standstill because of an obstacle.  This means I cannot compare this year's results to last year's results (good thing...because we were slower).

When I finished the race it was a good thing.  Last week, at the Lake Placid Half, I was wondering why I put myself through the running and training (it was a rhetorical question).  Yesterday, when I finished I wanted to do it again!  Talk about a fun race.

distance of 2.9 miles
overall place 612 of 811
gender place 344 of 
division place of 33 of 52 (35-39F)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lake Placid Half RR

This is going to be a good/bad race report.  There is no other way to do it without it being a downer, IMHO.
on my way there.  left the house at 4:30 a.m.
fog headed into the mountains

The bad:  It was my longest half ever!  
The good:  I finished the race!

The bad:  I knew no one going into the race.
The good:  I did it on purpose so I couldn't call or complain to people during the race.  I wanted to do this one by myself for the knowledge that I can rely on myself to for 13.1 miles.

The bad:  There were hills!  Who knew that the Adirondack Mountains had "hills"?!?!  
The good:  I can finally walk down the stairs without holding my breath because of the pain in my quads.

LP ski jumps in the background

The bad:  It was hot (well, not hot-hot, but hot to me).
The good:  I'm really good at sweating.  And there were water stops almost every mile so I had plenty of hydration (that I readily accepted)!

they just announced my name coming into the finish line

The bad:  I sweated a LOT!
The really bad:  I stopped sweating somewhere between mile 9 and 9.5.  I noticed because I started shivering when I was in the shade and was fine in the sun.  STRANGE!  I don't shiver when I'm running and it is above 40F.  So considering it was just over 70F and I was shivering I decided self-preservation above all else.  I pretty much walked the end of the course.  I'm fine with this.  I'm here.  I finished.  I can write my story.  Now I just need to figure out WHY this happened.

smile?...right now?...crap, of course I have to smile  :)
The nitty-gritty:
155 of 240 in females 30-39
873 of 1255 overall
I did it!!!
one of the views
I thought I was going to cry or throw up by the time I made it to my car.
I did neither!

i'd never seen the olympic rings in person before

my bib and medal
the medals

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Mileage

May was quite a month for me.  I ran well.  I read a lot.  I blogged a little.  I got a PR.

May mileage:  103.21
May days run:  19 (61%)
May races:  1

I took my vibram KSO's out for their first race in May and ended up taking 1:27 off my 5K time!

i'm not too far off my goal for the year, but i'm not close either
June will be an interesting month.  I have two races planned with the first next weekend.  It is a "get back in the saddle" race as it is my first half marathon in over a year.  It will be hilly and possibly warm but it is ok.  I'm running it to get back in the swing of things and not for time.  Then, a short 6 days later I'm running a mud run.  This all means one thing for me:  taper week.  I hope to post a little more later this week about my upcoming race.