Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 5K RR & a PR

It's race day and I can only say that I shocked myself.  I was planning on a nice, comfortable race/run and it turned into so much more!

I took my Vibram KSO's out for their first race:
I have been working my way up to the 5K distance in these, but always at a nice slow pace (usually with Maddie the fuzzy one); hence the reasoning for a comfortable pace.  I did get questions about the shoes before, during and after the race.  I can say only this:  I loved them!  
Mother's Day Hugs
The race course was a new one for this race, but that didn't matter to me as I'd never run this race before.  The first mile was on asphalt and some packed trail.  The trail felt great as it was not as hard of a surface and thus more comfortable on my feet.  However, I did find out that rocks, no matter how small, can really be felt when wearing these shoes!

I had to put this picture in because it really doesn't look like I pick my feet up:
I really am running!
The family positioned themselves so they saw me three times during the race.  This means plenty of photo opportunities!
I haven't raced a 5K in a long time and with these shoes I wasn't planning on it.  I just went by feel and I was so surprised to see my splits as they came up.  I was going to slow down a little on the third mile but when I saw my average pace I knew I should push.  So, I held my pace and kept going.  Most runs I try to finish strong, but I didn't have as much this time.  Don't get me wrong, I love the shoes but they are work when you aren't used to running faster in them.
I ran behind the two women over my shoulder the whole race
My kick at the end was good as ADP caught my hair flying here:
The last time I ran a 5K for time was in May 2010.  Since then I've run with friends or skipped 5K's all together.  So, imagine my surprise when my finishing time was in the 27's (2 years ago I set a PR of 29:01...which was the first time under 30!).

Official results:
27:34 (PR of 1:27)
#35 of 142
AG place #7 of 22
Garmin said it was 3.13 miles and agrees with 27:34

It's a great day!


GoddessLibrarian said...

Awesome! Both the PR & the shoes! :-)

ajh said...

Nice! Very nice! Just think what you'll do in those shoes when you are used to them.

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Way to go, Suzy!!!