Monday, April 9, 2012

The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide

Ryan Robert wrote me back in February (where has the time gone?) and asked if I wanted to review his book The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide.  I am an avid reader and I love running so how could I refuse?

He sent me an eBook and I was all set to read it.  It took me a little to get going in the book because life was going full speed.  When I finally had time I flew through the book!

I love how the book is set up.  There are five chapters and each is set up about the same way.  There is information about a topic followed by a few tips to help you achieve the topic.  The five chapters are:

  1. Getting Ready to Run (gear, form, breathing, warm-up & cool-down, heart rate, and more)
  2. Raising the Bar and Staying Motivated to Run (pushing to the next level, improving performance, different types of paces, staying motivated, visualization, and more)
  3. Nutrition, Hydration, Running in Adverse Conditions, and Common Injuries (simple nutrition, various weather conditions including cold, hot and wet, and those all too common injuries)
  4. Running Inspired (this is a short but very important chapter about running and how it is completely in our control)
  5. Training Schedules (there are suggested schedules for active beginner runners, non-exercisers, weight loss, and for people 50 and older)

I can see how this is for beginners, but it is also a good book for seasoned runners as a good reminder about running and what it is all about.  One part of the book I keep going back to is:
Staying Motivated Tip #7:  When you really don't feel like running, take a deep breath and say, "Okay, I'll run today, but then I'll take tomorrow off."  This is a bit of a lie, of course, for we will say the same thing the next day.
There are those days when most of us have to motivate ourselves to get our running gear on and get out the door.  
You can buy Robert's book at Amazon here.  Today it is $4.99 for the kindle edition, although for all of you who are Prime Members it is free.  You can also find their facebook page here.

My final thought:  I really liked this book and even though it says "beginner's" on the cover I know I will be going back to it time and again to look things up.

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Black Knight said...

Interesting book. I l know that I am always a beginner because I don't want to learn the lessons and every time, after the injures, for me it is as it were the first time.