Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furry Fun Run 5K RR

Yesterday morning was a fun morning and a whole family event.  We all went to Maddie's first race (during which I ran with her)!  

It was a nice morning for the race.  We were one of the first ones to arrive.
Since we were so early, the kids wanted to take a picture of me with Maddie.  The problem is that Maddie doesn't like to look toward the camera.  Instead, she goes straight to the closest person thinking she is going to get a lot of petting and then cuddles in.  I love it, but it doesn't make for a great picture.
We had plenty of time before the race so Maddie and I had a little chat.  I explained the "rules" of racing to her, told her she should run her own race, and to not go out too fast.
my favorite picture
In some of the photos you can see a green scarf on Maddie.  When we checked in she received one because we adopted her and found her through this rescue (though she wasn't adopted directly from them).  She is part of the Peppertree family.
see...whole family event!
My confirmation e-mail said the race would start at 9 and that is what I went by.  9 came and went.  9:05 came and went.  Thankfully, ADP was listening to the few announcements they had and we found out the race would start at 9:15 (when I got home I looked at the website and it also said 9:15).

When there are dogs running/walking with most of the people you don't line up too early.  We were in our place for about 3 minutes and it was more time than needed.  The dogs were getting excited, wanting to move around and run.  Maddie isn't one of those dogs; she laid down so I could give her a belly rub.  :)
and we are off
I knew where ADP and the kids would be during the race so I made sure we ran on the correct side of the path.  We were on gravel at the very beginning and end of the race, the rest was paved paths through a beautiful park.  
Maddie has no idea her family is there, she's running!
The start of the race was nothing less than chaotic with dogs taking off running (all dogs had to be on leashes), criss crossing, and the dust that was kicked into the air was thick.  You could feel the energy at the beginning of the race; it is a different energy than a "human-only" race.  If you have ever run a race with dogs, you know how true this is!
and then she took off
Maddie and I run together about once a week (when the weather cooperates).  This spring, while it has been nice, has not afforded us as much time to get out and run as last spring.  Maddies' longest run this spring was ~2.5 miles so I knew she could pull off a 5K.  Our normal runs go like this:   Maddie in front for a mile, Maddie and I run side by side for a mile, I run in front for the last mile.
the kids had their fun running around while waiting for us
Remember me mentioning the little chat we had before the race about going out slow and running our own race?  Maddie didn't listen!  She tried to take off at a full sprint and I spent the first mile pulling her back.  My arms got a great workout (as did my legs) trying to slow her down.  She kept right on pulling!
mile 1.25, can i stop now?
The course was in a rough figure-8, so we saw the family about mile 1.25.  I don't know how ADP got it, but there is a picture of Maddie running.  This time she saw ADP and the kids and tried to stop.  She wanted to stay with them.  NO WAY!!!  This is your race!  She did slow down and when I noticed she was lagging I made her walk for little bits.  She didn't want to walk, but she did better after we took a little walk break
Coming into the finish line

here we go Maddie...only a couple more meters
We watered Maddie,  gave her some treats and cooled her down by walking before getting back in the car and heading home.  It was an exciting morning for everyone in the house!
post race nap in the kitchen
The results have not been posted, but I do have my garmin information:
3.09 miles
29:02 minutes for a 9:24/mi average
splits:  8:53, 9:43, 9:33, 52 seconds


MomRunningFromCancer said...

I love it! I would love to be able to run a race with Sophie, who is my running partner. Although yesterday she was dragging . I dropped her at the house after 2 miles, and finished 3 more without her. Oh well, she was just not in the running zone! If the storms hold off we will be back out running this morning.

abbi said...

Love it...looks like you both had a great time! I ran a race last year with one of my dogs that I run with...funny how the dog that normally runs right beside me had different plans in a whole pack of people and other dogs, she just wanted to get to the front!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Love all the great pictures and great job to Maddie and you! It is so hard to get them to listen about not going out too fast :)

Christy said...

lol This made me smile. My mini Greyhound could use some "don't go out too fast" talkin to, too. Looks like an excellent race to say the least.

Darlene said...

Sounds like a fun race. You ran it fast too. Good job!

Meg said...

I wish I could flop down in the kitchen to nap. How relaxing is that?!
Fun pictures of a super fun race, I love the smiling dogs:) !

ajh said...

Great pictures! She worked hard and deserves that nap!

Christi said...

Yay, what a great race! I love all the pics!

Lisa said...

What a fun race. Maddie is so cute. You both did a great job!

Black Knight said...

A great and special race. I would like to run with a dog.
I have a proposal: what about a "running mate" exchange? You give me Maddie and I give you Sir Giorgio!

Suz and Allan said...

I love this! What a fun race for all of you guys!

jillconyers said...

What a great way to spend the day!

Badgergirl said...

Congrats to Maddie on finishing her first race!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, what a great family affair - and with Maggie, too. You definitely wore her out - haha. What a really fun family time race - love it!!

Molly said...

what a BLAST! I wonder how Frank would do in a race, he'd either be good, or want to jump all over everyone : )