Monday, April 9, 2012

Exciting Race Coming Up

I just found out that the spring soccer season* doesn't start until 4/21 (I had it in my calendar starting 4/14). With a free Saturday I promptly logged into my local running club's website and realized one of the races I wanted to do this year is on 4/14.  I can do it with the delay of soccer!

I'm registered for the Peppertree Furry Fun Run.  I believe it is a 5K, though I'm not 100% of the distance.  I'm not running this race for time.  I'm not even running it for me.  It's going to be Maddie's first race!  My pup is going to have a blast.

Why this race?  Easy!  Maddie is a rescue and we found her through Peppertree Rescue.  I am glad I can give back to them...even if it is benefiting Maddie and me as well.

*Soccer in our house is a whole Saturday event and we don't miss soccer because if we don't go then the coaches aren't there.  So, for 10 weeks in the spring we can be found at the soccer fields and not out running (that happens on Sundays).


Black Knight said...

My impossible dream: to run with a dog! I have too many cats at home and a dog couldn't be a good idea.
Have fun and please take a lot of pictures for us.
Good luck.

Christi said...

That is exciting! I hope you have a great time!

Teamarcia said...

Sounds like you're putting your 'free' Saturday to great use! Enjoy!

Suz and Allan said...

That sounds like a really fun race for both of you!