Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Putting on the Pounds

I have not been running outdoors this winter (despite the warm temps).  I have been fine with it and have put my miles in on my treadmill.  I found out a negative to all the indoor running this week:  putting on the pounds!
our small amount of snow
I'm happy to say that I haven't gained any weight, but Maddie has!  She had a bath on Monday and I was able to see some extra weight on her so I decided to skip the treadmill today and head outside.  The temp certainly helped.
52F!!  (Yes, it was only 61F inside when I got sense in turning the heat up when no one is in the house)
Our 'normal' runs go like this:  Maddie "pulls" me for a mile, she runs next to me for a mile, I "pull" her for the last mile.  Well, today was not the norm.  She was ahead* of me for the first half mile and then dropped back and ran beside me.  By 1.5 miles she was lagging behind me and looking longingly at all the walkers.  Just past mile 2 we passed another runner (who was doing great, but stopped for a moment so we could run by) and Maddie spent the next .5 miles looking back wanting to run with the guy.

Maddie's splits:  10:22, 10:04, 8:08 (for a 9:50 equiv).  She may not have wanted to go, but she did manage some negative splits.

I was encouraging and went slower than our 'normal' runs and yet Maddie wasn't up for our normal.  We cut our run short at 2.8 miles.  I dried her off...those puddles make a dog's belly dirty...and made sure she had lots of water before I cleaned up.  Maddie has spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.  

I think I need to take my fuzzy one on more runs so we can get back up to 3 miles without me feeling like I'm pulling Maddie along.  And, running will help Maddie drop those pounds she has put on this winter.

*I run with Maddie on a leash and pulling is not literal pulling, rather one of us leading the other.

4 comments: said...

hilarious! I have an aussie who loves to run and a bernese mountain dog who considers a mile walk the equivalent of a marathon! thanks for the laugh! laura

Suz and Allan said...

I love that you put the disclaimer at the end because there's some crazy somewhere that will read this post and think you're hurting Maddie.

We are anxious to log some miles with our dogs this spring too!

Ewa said...

Go Maddie. Are you singing her for any 5k races? Nothing more motivating than an approaching race. :)

Beth said...

Yes, my dog has been suffering from not running with me outside. I've been out but have been leaving him behind. He is a little chubby. You've encouraged me to take him again. Hope both of our dogs get back in shape soon.