Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Now?

Conversations I had over the weekend helped me to realize that I need to put some of my running goals on the back burner.  I hate to do it and I don't want to, but I need to.

Once upon a time is how I'd like to start this, but it isn't a cinderella story.  Not long after getting married, but before having kids I was diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension.  Huh, what?  Mayo Clinic says:

Orthostatic hypotension — also called postural hypotension — is a form of low blood pressure that happens when you stand up from sitting or lying down. Orthostatic hypotension can make you feel dizzy or lightheaded, and maybe even faint.
Orthostatic hypotension is often mild, lasting a few seconds to a few minutes after standing. 

The thing is that it only took numerous doctor visits and three specialists in different areas to diagnose.  It took a while to figure out how to maintain my blood pressure high enough so I wouldn't white out or faint when I stood up.  First there was medication then I altered my diet so I could do it without medication (eat more salt, eat more salt...and after over a decade I still have to remind myself daily to eat more salt).  I was fine for years and years.

Now, all of a sudden it's happening again.  Only it is happening not only when I change positions, but also when I run.  Talk about frustrating!  I had my blood work done to eliminate some medical-type-things that could be causing the light headedness.  I'm healthy with all my numbers in the normal range except vitamin-D.  So, now I'm taking vitamin-D.  I have a follow-up doctor appointment in March and I hope to figure out what is going on.

This doesn't affect my life all that much, but I don't want to push myself running (distance or speed) until I get some answers.  If last weekend's race is any indicator, I'm fine with a few miles, but once I start adding on more miles I have more troubles keeping my electrolytes level, which in turn allows my blood pressure to drop enough so I get light headed.  FRUSTRATING!!!  So, who knows what my running will be like this year.  Once I get some answers and stop getting light headed while I run then I'll get back to longer distances.

FWIW, I was fine running my 2 miles this morning on my squeaky treadmill.


Teamarcia said...

Interesting. I hope you find a way to manage this in a way that includes running. I struggle with Vitamin D despite supplementing. Turns out I was not absorbing the supplement I was taking. Its so important and I feel and perform SO much better when vit D is in a normal range.

Aimee said...

That must be scary for you! I hope your doctors are able to figure things out so it doesn't happen anymore!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

First I'm glad this isn't a life thearthening condition. Second I'm even more glad that you are not taking it lightly. I can imagine all kinds of senerios where this could be a giant deal!
Enjoy your miles to keep that running love fire feed but work towards a solution to the new "flare up."
fingers crossed and prayers said for you!

Christi said...

That is no fun at all. I wish you the best in getting this worked out.

Darlene said...

Hope you're ok. Fingers crossed.

Short distances are better than no distances.

Penny said...

I hope you get it all figured out so soon. I'm glad you are not tring to push through the symptoms. I've done that before and regretted it lately. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF GIRL.

Suz and Allan said...

Hope you are ok!

ajh said...

Take care of yourself. It seems odd to hear someone say they need to eat more salt. Running does take it out of you. Good luck.

J said...

Very interesting - I hope the vitamin D helps. It really is amazing how vitamins play such a big role in our lives. Often times I think I am vitamin B deficient because I get more tired when I run more.

Beth said...

I'm so sorry to read about your condition. My husband's blood pressure drops after hot races and he feels really sick and has to lie down. Now he uses a saline solution that is in a tube, can't remember the name right now. That has really helped. I hope you are back to your normal activities soon!!

Black Knight said...

I am sorry and I hope you can solve this problem very soon.
Long time ago (1995-1997) I had a similar problem: while running (also at a slow pace) I began to feel weak, trembling and with no sight. I had to lie down waiting for the ambulance. Everytime at the ER they said: low pressure.
I did tests, exams, examinations: nothing bad, everything ok. How this problem apparead, disappeared, without cures. What a mistery!!!
All the best and take it easy.

jillconyers said...

As hard as it is I can see why you would put your running goals on hold. You'll be back on track (sorry for the lame pun haha ) in not time!

kaydi327 said...

Aw that is a bummer that it came back and manifests while you run! I hope it goes away soon!

My treadmill is brand new and after the move it squeaks now too. So annoying!

-Katie @ Legally Fit