Sunday, January 8, 2012

The First Race

I just finished my first race of 2012 and I'm pleased with the results.  ADP and I decided to run the third race of the Winter Series (here we are last year).  It works well because I can run the three miler, hand in my time and make it out to the finish line to watch ADP finish the 10K.  Of course, I had to see if my WS running buddy was going and she was!

Me and Amanda before the race
This year we did not have any of the problems of last year...they sent us the right direction at every turn (last year was a fiasco!).  It was a nice 35F with ~13 mph winds.
Me and ADP before the race (we were both in black this year...strange)
Amanda and I said hi to all the runners we knew and headed to the start line.  The 3 miler and the other distances (10K and 25K) started in a different area and so most of our friends were not starting with us.  The race started at 10 a.m. and we were off.  Amanda and I decided not to race this one for various reasons.  Amanda had an 8 miler yesterday and I don't really like the whole 'race' thing.  So, we set off and I felt great.  The way the race is set up we (the 3 milers) get lapped by the 10Kers and 25Kers starting less than 1/2 mile into the race.  Last year ADP lapped us about .8 miles into our race, this year it was about the .5 mi mark.  Boy was I surprised to see him so quickly!  I wasn't surprised to get a lil' love tap on my rear as he ran past (just like last year).  The older gents who were running near us loved this!  I have to admit it, I did too.

Amanda and I were together for the first 1.75 miles and then Amanda pulled back and I went on without her (I hate it when this happens, but we have that understanding...if one is feeling good then by all means GO FER IT!).  I went on and decided to push a little more for the last mile.  I finished with garmin reading 2.96 miles (as compared to 3.11 last year and 3.05 the year before).  I'm happy with my time and extremely pleased with my splits:
2.96 miles
9:18/mi ave pace
mi 1:  9:34
mi 2:  9:21
mi 3:  8:37 (8:58 ave pace)
gotta love the negative splits!

This is a free race so as you finish you are handed a card in which you need to fill in your information and hand it in at the registration table.  It also means there is no question as to what place you finished.
Once I filled in my info and handed my card in I headed back outside to watch ADP finish.  He was almost a whole minute faster than last year!!  
ADP coming into the finish!
One of the things I fail to comprehend is how one gets 5th place and fails to get an award.  I know how it works with first place and then AG awards...but really, 5th place and nothing.  I just can't quite wrap my head around it!  Although, looking at the ages we did determine that if they did 5 year AG awards he would have had first...but they didn't so that is that.  I think ADP is happy with his time.

And so 8 days into the year I have finished a race in January and I'm happy with how the whole thing went.  Plus, there is nothing better than a free race were friends and family are around to spend the time with!


ajh said...

Sounds like a good time. I did one of those races last year to get my January race in. It was soooooo cold!

Christy said...

Nice job. Good way to start out the year!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Very Nice time on the 3 miles and boy - hubby is pretty fast! ;-)

Darlene said...

Nice weather and congrats on your splits. I wouldn't have been there if I could.

Lisa said...

Great job with the negative splits!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Congrats! Great race! Negative splits are sweet :)

Black Knight said...

Negative split is great!
Glad that you were in black. The Black Knight Army is everywhere!!!!