Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to Blogging

It has been a couple months with little blogging.  I am back, but I'm not upbeat today.  I have a sinus infection, I didn't sleep well, I have a headache, I have a kink in my shoulder, my head may explode because of said sinus infection and headache.  Great way to start a new year, eh?

This year I'm going to take it month by month.  The main reason is that my big goals for 2012 scare me.  I honestly don't know if I'll be able to hit them, or even come close.  More on my goals later this year...

It is January 2012 and I'm focused on the now.  January is going to be a different kind of month.  I may go to a race next weekend.  Every winter there is a Winter Series that one of the local running clubs puts on and of the five races I think next week's is the only one I will be able to make.  So, depending on the weather I'll probably be running 3 miles or a 10k next Sunday.

Then I'll be taking some time off from running.  It is nothing that I want to do, but I am having LASIK in less than two weeks and I've been told that I cannot run for a week and then during the second week I can exercise, but nothing 'long.'  I need to clarify all this with my doc when I go in for my appointments as to what I can and cannot do.  When I asked the nurse about exercise, she was slightly shocked when we talked about long runs on the weekend (she was thinking 30 minutes...I said no, more like 1 to 2 hours).  So, I'll be out of running for a week or two, but it will be worth it to be out of my glasses once and for all.

Happy New Year!
Did I mention January will be a bit different?  Yeah, it will!  It is a new month and a new year.  Happy New Year!


J. L. said...

Yeah to the Lasik! Seriously, it's life changing, and the best decision I ever made. And I'm positive it will help you run faster.

Michael said...

I just got over a sinus cold (didn't progress to a full-fledged infection thankfully), and I only have some minor lingering effects....sorry you're going through that as well.

Good luck with your Lasik surgery...that is so cool that you will be able to have that done, since it is a chunk of change. And I agree, it will definitely help in your running !

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Happy New Year - I hope your sinus infection clears up! Good luck with the lasik! Taking a little break will just rejuvenate you!

Here's to a new year and new beginnings!

ajh said...

Happy New Year!

Christi said...

Happy New Year!

I love the picture! You look very beautiful!

Penny said...

GOOD LUCK with the Lasik surgery. I wish I could have that done. I hate wearing glasses when I run to. Hope you had a great New Year.