Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching Up

How do I even start?  In the middle because that seems to work for me.

running in the rain
I had my first group long run with USA Fit on Saturday morning.  It was the longest run ever for some of the people and not so for others.  The run was supposed to be 6 miles and came in at 5.75 miles.  I did not make up the last .25 miles, but I really wanted to because I am me.  It went well, but I had a hard time staying with the red group.  I know that I will run slow for the marathon and I should be in the red group, it was different for me.  I was chatting along talking the whole time and one got quiet after about 2 miles and the other stopped at 3.75 miles to take a gel and (from my perspective) catch his breath.  I left the group after that and finished the run by myself.  I'm bummed that I didn't have people to run with the whole time, but I don't think I can go up to the next group because for a long distance I won't be able to maintain the pace.

I have been doing other running, some in the rain, some in the heat, some with the fuzzy one named Maddie.  Other than running, I have been doing all important things around the house.  Yesterday was planting day!  Our gardens are in and we put down the first cubic yard of mulch.  Now I just need to finish weeding so we can put more mulch down.  My legs are tight today from the hours upon hours spent in the gardens yesterday.  Of course, I am happy with the outcome so I'll take the tight legs.

I ran hills on the treadmill this morning.  I've never really done hill repeats on the treadmill before.  If anyone out there has, please let me know how you did it.  I'm not so sure I am going about it right.

Have a wonderful and short week!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Play List

Are you ready for summer?  With a month a school left we are ready but we don't get to enjoy it yet. To help it feel like summer I joined the 100 Days Challenge.  You'll see pictures here and there from the challenge.  The gist:  100 minutes of outdoor activity each week.  The summer play list will get us going with great ideas for the family and individuals in the family.

Want to join?  Just visit the 100 Days Challenge and sign up.  The fun starts May 29!

*I found this randomly one day last week.  I am not associated with it at all.  I just think it will be a great time.  And, my family may just hit the 100 minutes the first day of every week because we tend to spend a lot of time outside.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Did THAT Come From?

I finally had a chance to sit down and look at all the info my garmin has been keeping on me.  This week has been an interesting one.  The first question I had to ask was, where did that come from? when I was looking at my times from Tuesday and today.

Tuesday was the day I went to my first USA Fit running clinic, which just happened to be on hills.  I don't run fast, but I like to think that I can hold my own against yours truly.  And I did just that!  We did a nice little warm up and then went up a .25 mi hill twice over.  Tuesday night I was happy to see that my second time up the hill was 3 seconds faster than the first.  When we were done we did a nice little cool down.  So, imagine my surprise just now when I looked at my ave pace for the hills expecting 9s or even 10s and I see hill 1 = 8:15/mi and hill 2 = 7:58.  I don't even break 8:00/mi when I'm doing 400s on flat ground or the treadmill!

Fast-forward to this afternoon.  It was a hot 85F with high humidity and 15 mph winds.  The training plan called for a tempo run.  I asked my coach what this meant (as I'm used to times and mileage and more information).  What I was told was to do a 10 min warm up, ~15 minutes at a few seconds slower than 5K pace, and a 10 min cool down.  OK.  I can go slow to start and end.  5K pace in this heat?  Ummmmm, I can barely hold 9:00/mi when it is perfectly cold and I'm well rested.  So I just went for it and my two miles of tempo both came in at 8:50/mi.  Once again, where did that come from?

Now I want to run a 5K because at that pace I'd get a PR!  The only problem is holding it for another 1.1 miles.  Maybe I'll do it when it is cold, as in 30F cold.  I guess it is one more thing to strive for.

Do you ever surprise yourself when running?

Three Things Thursday, 5.26

  1. I keep reading about school ending and summer vacation starting.  We have another month of school here, so you won't get any big summer break announcements from me.  And when summer vacation finally does arrive, I doubt you will get a big announcement from me because it will be life as usual only with the kids at home.
  2. I met my coaches on Tuesday night for the first time.  They are nice and they brought their two boys (ages ~4 and ~7) along to watch.  It was a hill clinic.  Well, apparently I do things a little differently than they do.  Yes, I warm up.  Yes, I run up the hill.  No, I do not walk back down the hill for recovery (I do a nice slow jog).  No, I do not do only two repeats (4 to 6 is more my style).  It seemed like everyone except the coaches/helpers had never run hills before so I just stuck with them.  I didn't mind because I had run 13.1 the day before.  
  3. Speaking of those 13.1 miles.  I ran them slower and I have no lasting effects from the run.  The next morning I got up and my legs felt no different than if I had run three miles the day before.  This makes me very happy!  Later today I'll do a short (time and distance) tempo run and see how my legs really feel.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ignoring Directions

Marathon training day 2 and I'm already ignoring the training plan.  I'd say "Oops" but I don't feel like it.  I outright ignored the directions that said 30 minutes easy and did about 142 minutes easy.  See, I know that I am training for a marathon, but I decided at the beginning of the year that I would run one 13.1 miler a month.  Today was the day, so I did it and ignored my training directions.

Here's how it went:  I tried to run slower (a.k.a. the pace I'm thinking about for the marathon) and thanks to the treadmill I was able to.  Round 1 was 2 miles at each 5.3 mph, 5.4 mph, 5.5 mph, 5.6 mph and then I stopped the treadmill.  See, my 'mill won't keep going up in minutes after 90 or 99, so I opted to stop at 88:06 (8 miles even) and reset it.  Round 2 was 2 miles at each 5.7 mph and 5.6 mph, with a finish of 1.1 miles at 5.5 mph.  If my addition is correct (which it usually is), I ran 13.1 miles in 2:22:35.  I walked a nice pace to 2:30:00 to stretch the legs out some.
starting mile 10, Inception on the TV (even though you cannot tell)

I also tried out my new sports bra, the Versatx Support Bra, for a longer run.  It was nice, no chaffing, and did it's job.  It is a relatively new design and I love their previous design so when I could get it 15% off I decided to get it.  

Update on ADP's run last Thursday night.  The Corporate Challenge has teams that compete from different businesses.  This year, ADP was on his company's "Mens A" team which got 4th place overall (the four guys ran 19:32, 19:43, 20:44, and 21:06).  Last year ADP was on the team that placed 7th...he's moving up!  Congrats to the whole team!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marathon Training Started Today

Marathon training officially started for me today.  I am training with the USA Fit group here in town and according to their schedule, it is the beginning of week 4.  I joined a little late, but that is ok.

Today I was supposed to run 5 miles, nice and easy.  It was one of the hardest five miles I've run in a long time.  Every time my legs started feeling comfortable I knew I was going too fast.  I am trying to learn to slow down and it is going to be rough going on these shorter runs.  It was not terribly warm out (63F), but it was very humid.  I was soaked with sweat by the time I got home from running.  
I tried something different with my hair as well.  Instead of a band, I pulled the front back in little ponytails.  It was great!  Although, after taking a picture I realize I need to work on my ability to part the back of my hair in a straight line.  
When I was done I had my normal post run drink:
This week's training calls for:
Sat:  5 miles (did it Sunday instead)
Sun:  off
Mon:  30/e
Tues:  45/hill
Wed:  off
Thurs:  35/tempo
Fri:  off
Sat:  6 miles

Only time will tell how this goes.  I'm not good at time based plans.  I have tried them in the past and after changing to a mileage based plan for my last few halves I've enjoyed it much more.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Speedy Hubby

Yesterday I mentioned ADP's Thursday night race.  Thursday has come and gone and so has the race.  It was a beautiful night for a race, 70 with a light breeze (according to ADP).  I did not get any pictures as I was not there, but I am hopeful there will be pictures up on-line at various sites that I can comb through in hopes of finding "my" ADP.

Last year (posted here) ADP ran the 3.5 mile race in 22:30.  In the past year he has gone from a 3 mile runner 2x a week to a half marathoner and a 6 mile runner 2x a week.  I don't know the last time he "only" ran 3 miles.  Needless to say, he decided to push a little more last night and his garmin came back with 3.56 miles in 21:06, for an ave moving pace of 5:55/mi.  OH MY!  My hubby is getting really speedy.  This is a 1:24 PR!!  Of course I am super proud of ADP.
The start of the ADP in sight, source

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday, 5.19

Sunday it was raining hard, the grands had the kiddos for a couple hours so ADP and I had to decide what to do.  What does any couple do with a couple extra hours that they usually don't have?  We went to the gym.  I had to ask when we checked in how long it had been since my last visit.  The receptionist looked it up and then said, "Are you going for a record?"  Um, no.  I just usually run at home or outside.  It had been 199 days since I last stepped inside "my" gym.  I don't know that I can call it "my" gym since I go less than 2x a year.  Oops.

When we finished at the gym, ADP joked that we finally ran together.  And, I beat him.  Yes, that is what happens when we run on side by side treadmills and I start 5 minutes before him.  I will finish my 45 minutes before him.  Good thing he was not talking about mileage because I managed ~4.6 miles compared to his 6+ miles in the same time.

Speaking of ADP, he is running the local Workforce Challenge 3.5 miler this evening.  I am taking the kids to soccer.  I am bummed that I'll be missing the race.  But with 9,300 runners it will be a mad-house and a bit of a challenge to pick him out of the crowd.  Thankfully he is running a (much smaller) 5K on Father's Day.  I plan on having my cowbell ready for that race!  GL ADP!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Collage

I promised a picture or two...
#134...stand here, Bugs-Me-Punky
Accepting my degree
My mom, ADP, Me, Mom's Significant Other, with Bugs and Punky in the front

Catching Up

Blogger has not been kind because on the few occasions I had time to blog last week I could not.  Then, my big post disappeared.  Here goes again...

Last week I had some good runs.  I tried out a new pair of socks that is highly recommended by the staff at Fleet Feet and ADP.  I like them and it felt like there was nothing on my feet.  I was annoyed once again by my water bottle which insists on leaking.  I need a new one, but I don't know what to buy.  any suggestions?

Tuesday I went out on a 6 mile run and ran completely by feel.  My garmin was along, but I only looked at it to make sure it was on.  I ended up running with an ave pace of 9:42/mi.  How can I keep my pace there (when not even trying) on a warm day at home but not on a perfect race day?  Oh well.

On Wednesday I went on a 3.2 mile run with my neighbor who recently completed the C25K in preparation for a race at the beginning of June.  The last time we ran together was the first day of her training when she ran 90 seconds at a time.  It was amazing to see how far she had come.

And my announcement which I made and then it disappeared.  I'm running a fall marathon.  So the blog will be hijacked by training that is leading to something I've never done.  On Oct 9 I'll be going 26.2 miles.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fall Race

Just a quick post here...

I just got notice that I won an amazing giveaway The Happy Runner was having.  I won a free membership to USA Fit Albany!  I've run five half marathons now and a full is on my list.  What a better time to do it than when I have help from a coach?  I think 26.2 is going on my calendar for Oct 9!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Day to Remember

Happy Mother's Day (a day late) to all the moms out there!

Yesterday was the day.  I knew that I could ask for just about anything and ADP would try to make it happen.  This is especially true about me taking time to run.  So I asked for exactly what I wanted:  I wanted to run with Punky, Bugs, and the whole family.  It was the most perfect run ever.

I headed out with Punky first.  We ran .39 miles at an ave pace of 10:50/mi.  When we finished...

I headed out with Bugs.  We ran .42 miles at an ave pace of 10:07/mi.  When we finished...

I headed out with the while family.  We ran .39 miles at an ave pace of 10:32/mi.

On Mother's Day I ran a total of 1.21 miles with my family and my pup Maddie.  It was the perfect way to start the kids' running season.  Next up:  Father's Day race where Punky runs the 1/2 mile and Bugs runs the 1 mile.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Things Friday, 5/6

  1. You are all adamant about changing my shoes out.  I will change them out soon.  Thankfully I have an extra pair waiting to be broken out of their box.
  2. Last night was Diva Night at the local Fleet Feet.  It was great to catch up with some running friends...some that I haven't seen in a while and some that I saw just last month.  The swag was not as good as last year.  And, somehow my name wasn't in the bin for giveaways.  :(  Oh well.  
  3. Why does my favorite sports bra cost as much as my shoes?  (feel free to read this as a rhetorical question)
  4. Running this week has been going great.  My back is finally loosening up as it always does.  I did everything my PTs and chiropractors have been telling me through the years; it takes time to feel better but the exercises always work.
  5. T-minus 1 week to graduation.  Next week I have to go back to school, probably for the last time, to pick up my cap, gown, and hood.  I'll make sure to model it for the cameras and post a picture for all of you to see.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is It Time for New Shoes?

Today was the day of the 'run interrupted.'  Our washer was to be fixed this morning and repairman Bob was supposed to get here between 10 and 11:30.  I waited and waited and he did not show up so I got on the treadmill at 11:40 (after calling and leaving a message wondering if he was coming).  For the first 30 minutes I kept thinking I heard the doorbell or the phone so I kept stopping my run and checking to see if someone was here.  Finally, about an hour into my run repairman Bob's secretary called and there is confusion.  In the end, I finished my run (7.35 miles worth) and my washer is still not fixed.

I got back from my run Sunday and looked at my shoes.  They feel good, although not quite as cushy as they once were.  The thing is that I'm just not ready to get rid of them just because they have miles on them.  These shoes have carried me through three half marathons and some of the training (my "indoor" shoes did the other half of the training).
They have enough miles on them (~425).  I put new insoles in them over 100 miles ago.  I want to keep running in them until they are no good.  When it is time, do you think new insoles will keep them going longer??

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Love Mail

Today I got some awesome tube socks and gels in the mail. I won them from a giveaway Christina, Momma of 3.

I do have to ask, when did tube socks come back in? Regardless, I'm wearing a pair and they are very comfortable.

Why Follow a Training Plan?

I diligently made a training plan and I think one time in April I actually followed what it said.  I always look at it and think the plan for the day is a great one and then do whatever I want.  Why in the world did I do a training plan for myself?  I have no idea!  I'm sure you are wondering what I did yesterday then.  I put the next month's worth of plan up on my white board.  I may not follow it, but I have it just in case.
The last box in the calendar (6/4) has my next race, Freihofer's Run for Women 5K.  I do not usually race this one, it is fun and hilly and there is a lot of energy so I have a fun 5K.  Plus, it is really cool to be able to say I ran in a race with elite runners.  The list of elites looks awesome once again.

Yesterday I went for a run and originally had the intention to do the 7 mile tempo run I decided not to do on Friday.  Then I thought it would be good to do 10 mile.  Then it was 7 miles at tempo and 3 easy miles.  I was up early, but since ADP was running first I read the paper, enjoyed some tea and entertained the kids for a while before heading out the door.

The first mile was right about the pace I was going for.  Then I saw a runner in front of me.  She was running about 10 sec/mi faster than me and I made sure she did not get too far out of my sights.  We went different directions and then I saw someone running with a dog.  I slowly closed the distance.  (Can you tell I like to leapfrog?)  When I stopped at home after my first loop I looked at my garmin and knew there was no way I was going another 5, especially since I wanted to get a lot of yard work done later in the day.  My beloved garmin gave me this news:

  • mile 1:  9:43/mi
  • mile 2:  9:21/mi
  • mile 3:  9:13/mi
  • mile 4:  9:11/mi
  • mile 5:  9:21/mi (this one has the icky hill)
  • last .44 mi:  3:56 for 8:57/mi equiv
Oops, I unintentionally ran negative splits.  What happened to my 9:40/mi run?  I guess it did not happen.  I did not try too hard because I didn't look at my garmin after the first mile.  I decided to be done after 5.44 miles so I picked up Maddie and we went out for 1.82 miles at a nice leisurely 10:23/mi pace!  

My original plan was not lost though.  I originally set out to go 7 miles at 9:40/mi.  Looking at the whole run including the part with Maddie I was not far off.  7.26 mi with an average pace of 9:36/mi.  I guess things work out just fine in the end.  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April by the Numbers

April has come and gone already.  There were a lot of rainy days here, but I made the best of them.  Here is how it went:

April miles run:  86.8
April races:  1
April days run:  16 (for 53%)
2011 miles:
When it comes down to it, I think I do this post because I love charts and graphs.  :)