Monday, December 5, 2011

The List is Getting Longer

It seems like my list of things to do is getting longer and longer, despite finishing a lot of things on it daily.  Even with my lists, I am taking time once again to run almost daily.  I am not going far or fast, but I am going.

Yesterday I took Maddie out for a short run in the morning before the family was off to ride The Polar Express.  It was a great time and I'm glad we went, but it certainly made 4:46 come early this morning because I was late going to bed!  Add being tired to the fact that I haven't been running first thing in the morning and it was a rough 4 miles.  I'm glad I ran.  In a few short hours I'll be at yoga, a treat when I have Monday's off.

This weeks plan:
Monday:  4 miles + yoga
Tuesday:  walk Maddie*
Wednesday:  speed work of some kind
Thursday:  walk or run Maddie
Friday:  6 miles
Saturday:  walk or run Maddie
Sunday:  repeat Saturday

*walking Maddie is different than Maddie's normal walks.  When it is my exercise for the day we go longer and we go faster; we walk but we do more than her short walk route.


jillconyers said...

My to-do list is long too and keeps getting longer! As long as I keep running and working out I can handle it all!! It's funny. With the mental break of running and working out the list seems less overwhelming.

Have a great week!

Teamarcia said...

Great workout schedule, especially now in holiday crunch time!

Christi said...

Congrats on getting the running in there! That is a big accomplishment this time of year.

Penny said...

Way to go on getting up and getting those 4 miles in . You have a great schedule for the week. Keep it going girl.

Molly said...

how cute are your kids?? I've been trying to make a schedule, but lately it's been figuring out the exercise plan day by day.

Black Knight said...

Daily running is a great commitment, and I see you also follow a scheduled plan.