Monday, November 21, 2011

The Scale Lied

I weigh myself once a week just to keep tabs on my weight.  The scale let me know I was up a little so I was expecting it when I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday to weigh in and work.  Well, my scale at home LIED!  Apparently it is two pounds light.  That is not acceptable in my world (both the scale being that far off and my weight being up by more than a little...and those two 'extra' pounds put me over 'a little').

When I finished working at WW I did some thinking and calculating and more thinking.  Yes, I've been enjoying a peanut butter and honey sandwich after dinner most nights.  But that alone shouldn't do it.  So I figured out how much I've been running.  In the first 21 days of November I have racked up a grand total of 33.7 miles.  And, 23 of those miles have been in the last 9 days.

Just call me a running slacker*!!

I have a plan.  It includes getting out and running more (I really miss running daily), walking the dog, and hitting the gym.  I'll do something every day.  I'm also cutting out those evening sandwiches.  It will take time, but these pounds will be gone before the new year.

*In my defense, I have been having a very hard time figuring out when to run with my work schedule.  ADP and I talk about it almost weekly.  I need to let go of something to fit it all in, I just don't know what is going so I can still do everything I want.


Christi said...

Good luck! I am sure you will find something that works best for your schedule.

Penny said...

That's the way suzy nip it in the bud before it get to far out of hand. Last year after I ran the marathon I just didnt feel like running as much, plus my running partner was not a fan of running in the cold weather. THis year I have a new running partner and we are running every other day outside. . I am not having much of an issue with my weight this year. I just prays the lord for my new running partner because I was so worried about this winter.

Molly said...

I've been a running slacker too, finally ran this weekend after two weeks off. You'll melt those pounds off in no time.

thanks so much for the good thoughts for my Father in Law.

robinbb said...

I have a conflict with my scale all the time. I run a lot of miles every week and even though my body is shrinking, yay, my weight is not going down. I am hovering around 2 pounds above goal weight and don't want to go to WW and pay because of it. It is so frustrating!

J said...

I am going to try really hard not to eat too much this thanksgiving and also not to step on the scale! I need to try to keep an even weight. I usually go by how my clothes feel - its usually a good indicator!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

My scale lies all the time. It is about 5 lbs lighter than the official one we have at work. mine makes me feel better though :)

Black Knight said...

Doing something every day is a good plan.
Don't worry about the weight, you are in perfect shape and 2 pounds more or less don't make the difference.