Friday, September 30, 2011

September by the Numbers

This month brought a lot of changes.  I returned to work (part-time), the kids returned to school, ADP got a new job (same company), and I kept on running.

September miles run: 104.5
September races:  0 
September days run:  21 (70%)
Shortest run:  2.05 miles 
Longest run:  18 miles
Pain:  I have an angry left ITB again.  It is fine on shorter runs.  I'm busy rolling, icing, and doing lots of exercises to keep it from getting worse (and hopefully it is getting better).

October will be one I will always remember because my first marathon is Columbus Day weekend.


Teamarcia said...

Here's to an awesome October. Keep on rolling that angry IT!

Suz and Allan said...

70% for days run is impressive!! Hope you have an even better October!

jillconyers said...

Great numbers for Sept! You must be getting excited and maybe even a little nervous (I was) for your first.

Loving October!

Anne said...

Yay for a great October!! Keep that ITB loose.

Black Knight said...

A very good running september. The 18 miles are the milestone for your marathon. Good luck with the ITB.

J said...

Hope all the rolling and icing helps to make your IT band feel better! Hope October is a great month for you!

onelittletrigirl said...

Wooohoooo for first marathons!!!