Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday Morning Mileage

I was a few days behind and did not get to do my long run over the weekend so I went out on Monday morning.  My training plan said to go out for a 21 mile run.  I figured I'd do five mile loops until I was done in hopes that my knee would cooperate.
ready to head out
stocked and ready to go
I went out and the first five miles were pretty good.  A little faster than they should have been (because of the GI issues the latter half of the week).  I stopped home, filled my bottle with nuun, used the bathroom and headed back out.  The second five mile loop was great as well.  My paces from the first 10 miles were right where I wanted them, 10:34 to 10:57/mile.  Once again I stopped at home and filled up my handheld and took off again.  I slowed down a little for the next loop and wasn't as consistent (10:18 - 11:50/mi) but I still felt good.  When I stopped home at 15.6 miles I took a few pictures.

love the shirt!  hate how it shows the sweat.
I took off again and was fine at mile 16.8 and by 16.9 my IT-band not only made itself known but let me know I wasn't going any further.  GAH!  Talk about an unhappy moment for me.  I now know what was bugging my knee.  I was about a mile from my house so instead of calling a friend (who was "on-call" in case I needed a ride) I decided to see how my ITB faired walking.  I covered the mile in 14:15 and I had no pain in my leg or knee!  I finished the day with 18 miles.
run = thumbs down 
I am unhappy that my IT-band in angry now with less than three weeks to my first marathon.  I did find a positive in this though:  if I cannot run the whole marathon, at least I know I can walk the end of it!
post run fuel:  peanut butter - honey - butter - banana sandwich with kettle chips!
Taper has officially begun.


Penny said...

You did great. I know it was not what you planned on but you still got some good mies in. Thank Goodness for tapering. Your marathon is a week before mine. Yes you can walk toward the end. Just do what you can do. Remember you have to cross the finish line it doesnt say how we have to cross it. You are going to do awesome. Keep it up.

Stephanie Anne said...

Hope your IT band behaves itself!!!

Teamarcia said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear the IT is not cooperating. RICE and rest it and hopefully it'll give you what you need on marathon day.
Mine did that 2 weeks after my first marathon (delusional me thought I could ramp up and do Vegas). Felt like a gun shot in the side of the knee but I could walk fine.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job on the first loops and bummer on the IT band deciding to make it's presence known. :( Hope it feels better by your marathon!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

18 total is a great run in my book, but I know when you had more scheduled, plus with pain, it's a downer - but good job! Also, great job on staying focused doing loops over and over - I can never seem to stay focused during those runs.

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

That sandwich looks absolutely yummy. I just had a pancake with some cream cheese and banana for breakfast (after my run) Sorry about the IT band hope it feels better during your taper....good sign that it wasn't painful walking home.

Molly said...

ugh. Sorry about the IT band. Last year I had hamstring issues two weeks before my marathon, so I feel your pain!! Are you foam rolling it? Feel better!

The Happy Runner said...

Bad ITB = BOO! Sorry about that.

Do you have any good treatment that you use for it? If not, let me know because I have had ITB issues on and off and swear by the tennis ball.

Black Knight said...

I think that the taper time helps to recover and you will run your marathon without any problem.
That "post run fuel" looks delicious.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I was thinking "Why does she have a Ruthenium shirt?" :D

Have you tried the cho-pat strap for your ITB issues? It worked for me. Takes the pressure off the tendon and let's you run farther while it heals.

Jill said...

Oh my, that sandwich looks sooo good, I am going to make one tomorrow :).

What is it they say about Best Laid Plans?? 18 is still a good chunk of miles and I call that a success as far as long runs go. Hoping that the stupid IT and knee cooperate during your taper so you can run STRONG for the marathon!!!

coach dion said...

Sorry you are not happy with your run, or is it more your ITB that you are not happy with?

Hope you are useing the foam roller and all the stretches to beat your ITB back into shape. I can come right just like that, so good luck at the days tick by to your marathon.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I think running loops is hard! It makes it so easy to stop. I usually like a giant loop so I have to finish the run...doesn't always happen.

Great job getting the miles. Pushing through is only smart to a point 18 vs. 21 I think what you did will matter more than what you didn't!

Sarah Grecco said...

That sandwich looks AMAZING.

Nice work getting in the miles! Your energy is motivating!!

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