Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2

Today was the second day of school for me and I'm ready for the students to head back to school.  I found something really important out last week:  I am out of practice sitting through a day of meetings.  We had one day of meetings and I arrived home and felt fried.  I sat down and ADP took care of everything that evening.  I didn't even run last Thursday because I was so unaccustomed to sitting in meetings.

Day two is today and I faired much better.  We didn't have any meetings today because it was a prep day. I prepped, I copied, I got a desk.  And then I left and went to the track.  I ran circles and did my little speed workout and now I'm eating lunch.  Tomorrow I plan on adding reading blogs to my list so I can catch up on all the great things everyone has been up to.


J said...

I totally know that feeling! When I have to sit through a day of training and/or meetings I just cant do it! It wears me out so much more than just a normal day!

Teamarcia said...

Haha! I think you need to train for those meetings!