Monday, August 1, 2011

Racquetball vs. Running, Q&A


Michael from Slowly Tri-ing asked 
What's your favorite race you've ever done and why? Who thought it would be hard to answer with just one race?  My favorite fun race was Mud Mania!  I also love relays.
2011 Winter Marathon Relay

Darlene from My First 5K and More asked:
What is your favorite distance?  I really love running 10 miles.  Long enough to clear the mind, short enough to get it done and still have time with the family, and long enough to allow me to indulge in some extra food.
Where is your favorite place to run?  I really love running around my neighborhood.  I like the fact that I don't have to get in a car to start my run.  It isn't the most scenic, but it is home.  If I were to choose another place it would be in northern WI at my mom's cabin.  There is a great 5 mile route and the majority of it has water on both sides.
Why did you decide to become a teacher (study to become one)?  I've known for a long time I should be a teacher.  I just finally completed the coursework for it though.  I don't always want to do what is expected or easiest, so it usually takes me a bit to get where I'm going.
Will your hubby also run a marathon someday?  Ha, you'll have to ask him.  I doubt it, but I will not say never.  My love of longer distances is bound to rub off on him, right?
Have you and your hubby ever run a race together? Yes we have.  We have run a few, but he usually runs the longer distance and I do the shorter (5k/10K or 3 mile/10K).  I think the only time we've done the same distance/race at the same time was when we both ran a 5K in 2010.
Winter Series #3 2011

J from Morning Runner asked:
When did you start running? How did you get into running? I wanted a fun course my senior year of college so I took racquetball.  Unfortunately, racquetball was only a half-semester (which was a good thing because I sucked at it) so I took track and field the other half-semester.  Little did I know we would be running five miles by the end of the semester.  The next couple years were up and down with running, but I've kept at it since that course in college.

Marcia from The Studly Runner asked:
What was your first job?  Once upon a time I was a babysitter.  
Have you ever been fired?  Technically, no.  One place did try to let me go but it was because I didn't know how much the  different steaks on the menu weighed.  How in the world am I supposed to know that if you don't tell me first.
What does the ring tone on your cell sound like?  Don't know.  Someone would have to call it for me to find out.

AJH from Age Groups Rock asked:
What are you most proud of about your kids? I love how they try to solve things they don't understand.  They just keep trying until they figure out what they are looking for.  I hope this stays with them through their lives.  

Katie from Legally Fit asked:
How do you balance training for distance races with raising a family?  How appropriate you should ask this now that you will be a mom in a short couple months.  My family really supports me in my training.  Without them and their support it wouldn't be nearly as easy.  I also take the viewpoints of a lot of moms I know:  if you have five minutes take those five, if you have an hour then take the hour, don't marry your training plan, relax because it will all work out.  And, it is just running.  My kids come first and if they have something going on I try to run earlier or later in the day so I don't miss my kids' activities.  I also do not put pressure on myself for PR's or running distances I do not enjoy.  If I am going to take time away from the family then I'm going to enjoy every step I take.
Why do you love winter so much? ;)  
I'm comfortable (believe it or not I do NOT like being sweaty)!  Plus, I love going out and playing in the snow.  There is little better than relaxing in front of a fire while curled up reading a great book.  

Candice from I Have Run asked:
Are there any songs you associate with running and why? (For example, there is a song that got me through the last few miles of my first marathon.)  There isn't a song I relate to running.  I don't run to music very often and when I do it is definitely background noise.  Now if you were to ask about TV shows I associate with running I could list off a few series I've watched while on my treadmill.
What is your dream vacation?  
I want to go to Tuscany, off the beaten path, eat great food, run, drink amazing wine, and relax.  Or cruise the Mediterranean.  I've been a lot of places and both of those remain on my list.

Do you run while on all your vacations? Vacation isn't something that happens often for me, but when I do go I always pack my running shoes.  Vacation is better if I've run.

Christy from My Dirt Road Anthem asked:
What part of MT is your husband from?  He's from NW MT...near Flathead Lake
If you could live anywhere where would it be.  Harder question than it should be.  I'd love to live within driving distance of our families, which would put us in Colorado.  
Do you think you will ever be a snowbird?
  I do not think so only because I love winter so much.  Though, the time may come when I want to escape the cold for a month or two (GASP!!) and go south during the winter.  Ask me again in 30 or 40 years and I'll have a better answer.

I think that I got them all.  If you have more...feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to answer them!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

My husband is from NW MT also, he grew up in Ronan, which is very close to Polson and Flathead Lake. It is a pretty area of the state, but way to many trees and mountains for an eastern MT girl like myself! I like wide open spaces. Fun to read this and learn more about you. I love winter too!

Cynthia O'H said...

Great answers to these. I, too, always knew that I was headed for teaching. Even now, with our world being so different than it was when we were growing up, I don't think I'd do anything else.

ajh said...

Your kids' teachers will love those qualities in them too.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I agree with the 10mile answer - it's manageable, but gives you a good workout!

Teamarcia said...

Good stuff!
Tuscany and the Med are GREAT choices! I need to make it back there someday.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful post with interesting questions and answers. About your dream vacation: I live 45 minutes driving far from Tuscany where I run the best organized race and where I will enter the Florence Marathon. About the Mediterranean Cruise ... I work in the main port for the cruises (more than 2.400.000 passengers/year)

kaydi327 said...

Fun Q&A! Colorado always sounds like a great place to live for some reason. I don't know what I think this, as I've never been there!

You know, you actually make winter sound pretty good. Especially now with this heat! :)

-Katie @ Legally Fit