Friday, August 5, 2011

Injury Prevention - Seminar #2 Overview

A couple weeks ago I went to a seminar put on by the marathon I'm running in the fall called Nutrition for Runners (see my overview here).  Tuesday night I went to the second seminar and it was called "Injury Prevention" but in reality it was an overview of six common injuries in marathon runners.  I debated leaving when I saw who was giving the talk and what was being covered because I had seen this same talk given by the same PT a year ago.  There may have been some differences, but there were the same errors on the slides as he had last time.  I stayed because I was chatting with Darlene and some of my USA Fit Saturday morning 'let's run together and see if we survive marathon training' peeps.

According to Matthew Alheim, PT, the most common injuries are:

  • plantar fascia
  • achilles tendonitis
  • shin splints
  • hip tendonitis/bursitis
  • patellar tendonitis
  • IT Band
He went through some signs & symptoms of each of these injuries.  He then outlined some of the treatment they use at the PT office he works for.  Then he quickly went through all kinds of stretching and strengthening exercises that would be good for certain &/or all of the injuries.  

Right about when he started talking about IT band something was nagging at me.  What was it?  Why this curiosity about the hip.  I flipped back a few pages in my notes and then I remembered:  I slept on the couch Saturday night because my hips were killing me.  During the Q & A portion I didn't ask my question, mainly because I had no idea how to phrase it.  So, I stayed after and chatted with people some more.  Finally I had my chance to talk to Matthew one-on-one. I have this pain on both of my hips.  The only way I can explain it is, well, it feels exactly like my hips did in the months prior to having my kids when I was really pregnant and my hips were loosening up.  (see why I didn't ask in front of 70 other people??)  He was great as I fumbled through my thoughts and tried to explain where the pain was.  We talked a little and this is what is getting inflamed on those long runs...the bursa:
No wonder I couldn't sleep on my side AT.ALL on Saturday night!  It also explains why the couch was the most comfortable...that part of my hip was right between two cushions so there was no pressure on the inflamed bursa.  Now I patiently ice down my hips once a day.  Do you know how cold ice water is as it runs down your legs?  Really COLD!

*I didn't go see a doctor because it doesn't hurt except after rare long runs.*  *And, it hurt on BOTH sides and injuries that I have usually aren't equal on the left and right.*


Penny said...

I'm glad you stayed. It was worth hearing him again. Right place right time.

Jill said...

Oh...I loved seeing that I have the #1 and #2 injuries - bleh!! I find it very interesting that every "professional" person I have talked to about my injuries all have a different opinion. But I have to say that strengthening my hips is helping a LOT!

Black Knight said...

Bad memories: I can see the trochanter that I destroyed with my motor-bike incident on sept. 18, 2006 (unforgettable data).
Glad you can follow such kind of seminars.
All the best.
Have a good week end.

renkath said...

Wish I knew where those kinds of seminars are. Thank you for sharing! (Running my first marathon in September and sitting on the couch this week because of an inflamed achilles...)

Yolanda said...

There are nights that laying on my side absolutely kill me and I knew I was having problems with my IT Band, but didn't know that was my hip problems at night. Tell me how you ice your IT Band, please!!!! And thank you!