Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chiropractic Ouch

I love my chiropractor.  He takes my headaches away.  He talks running with me (he does tri's).  He keeps my lower back pain away.  He talks running with me.  And then we talk running some more.

Last night I had an appointment and I mentioned my IT band was getting tight again.  No pain, at least not like when my IT band reduced me to walking during a half marathon and then sent me to PT.  I've been through this before and my chiropractor talked me through it, made sure I was doing the right exercises, and helped me stretch.

I was surprised when he started working the ITB with his hand.  And then he started pushing on it.  OMG!  I was holding my breath.  I was closing my eyes tight.  I was sweating.  I was trying not to scream as he was working on my ITB.  Wow, the pain!  It hurt when the PT did something similar 18 months ago, but not so localized and OUCH!

I now know what the pain was - I have black and blue marks where he was working my ITB.  The pictures did not turn out.  When I left he said there might be some bruising.  Apparently he doesn't understand how easily I bruise.  Or, that I won't be able to touch that area for a week.  Or, that it will be a good three weeks before the bruises finally fade to 'only noticeable if you know there was a black and blue mark there.'  I just hope it isn't so tender come Saturday morning when I put on my compression shorts for my long run.

I love my chiropractor, but I think I'm going to let him focus on my back and headaches and take the ITB tightness elsewhere.

FWIW, this morning's 2 miler was no different than any other morning in regards to my ITB.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I am having some soreness in my one thigh. It started after seriously starting to cross train (and probably too many family activites that put me in the car for extended periods of time). I went to the dr to rule out anything serious and was cleared to keep running. (as if I would have stopped unless he said my leg was going to fall off!) I wish I could stretch it out or ice or heat it away but for now I'm just hoping that a few lighter weeks will allow it to resolve in time for my big fall races!

Darlene said...

I feel the same way when one PT massages my heel. Ouch!

Penny said...

I love it when my chiro digs deep and gets all those muscle to relax. It does hurt like hell but oh boy it is such a good hurt. Hope you didnt get to bruise up so you cant run your long run this weekend. You are doing great Suzi. Keep it up.

jillconyers said...

Ouch! I think I would take my ITB elsewhere too.

Running to Music said...

Did it work?? I am constantly dealing with tight IT bands (both legs too! I'm a mess) so will, at some point, try anything!

Felix Woley said...

I would have to agree with Penny here! Procedure plus pain equates to a blissful recovery. You need to have regular sessions with your chiropractor to back you up with your regular running. How is your bruise doing? I hope it’s all gone. Stay fit Suzy!

Felix Worley

Rhonda Munoz said...

I hope you did disclose this to your chiro, Suzy. Although he’s more knowledgeable about muscle and bone alignments, you know better about your body restrictions. It would definitely make the succeeding sessions better. Do you consult to the same chiro up to now? And how are your running adventures? :) Keep us posted! -->Rhonda

Terrell Sherman said...

It’s more like he gives you pain to take away the greater pain. I guess that’s fine as long the “pain” he inflicted will help improve your health and wellness. I hope that’s exactly what happened. Now about the bruises, I’m sure there are ways to hide them. Good luck to your running endeavors!

Terrell Sherman @ Murrieta Chiropractic