Sunday, August 14, 2011

9 are Good & 3 in Pain

Saturday morning was beautiful!  The temp was about 60 when we (the USA Fit group) started off.  Some of the group only had to run 8 miles so they turned around at four miles.  One of the people who turned around runs about my pace...the first few miles were a great pace (10:15, 10:31, 10:28, 9:58).  

When they turned around I kept going with the only other person running 12 for the day.  Let me tell you...I wish I could run like him now and I hope I can run like him when I'm his age (~60)!  I knew better, but I kept going with him even though he's faster than I am.  Our splits came in at 9:59, 9:48, 9:36, 11:39 (water/stretch stop), 9:25.  Then I said I needed to stretch and he should go ahead.  Wow, it felt great to run faster but I was running out of steam.  Then I saw this:
It is almost like there was a bump in my run and although the first 9 went great, BUMP, the last three went down hill.  My IT band was giving me big troubles.  I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.  It felt like my heart rate was too fast (which in fact it was averaged 150 for the 3 miles).  I jogged the flats and downhills.  I walked the uphills.  I got my phone out and called ADP.  I tweeted about my run.  I decided I would do what I could to run the last little bit of my run.  I did what I could and my last splits were much slower (10:37, 10:53, 11:38, 12:01).  Can you tell when I started walking?  I finished the day with 12.05 miles.

Why is it that today I barely remember the nice 9 miles run while the last three stand out so vividly?

One thing I love doing when I get home is to cross off another week of training.  This plan is 24 weeks long and I am done with 15 of them!
This week:
Monday:  30 minutes easy
Tuesday:  track session, 6 x 1min/2min
Wednesday:  20 minutes easy
Thursday:  40 minutes tempo
Friday:  off
Saturday:  19 miles (GULP!)


Penny said...

Sorry to hear about your IT band acting up. Girl you still had a great run. Even with your IT band you finish what you set out to do. You are doing so great with your training. Keep it going Girl.

ajh said...

Feel better.

And there is nothing as satisfying as crossing off a week of training completed.

Aimee said...

I'm sorry about the end of your run! I had almost the same experience today except the first 1/2 was awesome, then my IT band acted up, and I had to walk the rest! Ugh! Here's hoping both of our IT bands get better!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

stretch stretch stretch !!!

You still had a good run - don't dismiss it just because you slowed down the last 3 miles - you still did great.

I have a 1/2 marathon coming up next Saturday and I am confident that I will make it - but am a little worried because I have not been able to get as much training under my belt as I would have liked due to piriformis pain and hamstring issues!

Alma said...

Nice job, keep it up! You're in the thick of it and your body is probably worn down a bit but it's so worth it. Hope your next run is smoother.

Ewa said...

Hope you heal fast. Stretching and foam roller ought to help. You are tough.

Teamarcia said...

Oh I hope that ITB behaves!
Ice, rest, roll, you know the drill.
Don't worry one bit about your run going to hell in a handbasket at the end. Your body will adapt to running that long and you'll break through. I'm sure the faster miles had much to do with that as well.
You're doing great--all the best with 19!

Bridget said...

19 miles? Eeeekkkkkks! You can do it.

Jenn said...

You are going to feel AMAZING when you knock off that 19. Congrats on making it through 15 weeks. A 24 week plan is a LONG commitment and you're sticking to it well!

Hope that IT band cooperates for you! Take care of yourself-Ice, roll, ice cream:)

Darlene said...

Hope your IT band gets better. You are going great wiht your training. It'll be here before you know it.

jillconyers said...

At least you had 9 great miles! RIght? The not so great miles would probably stand out in my memory too. Hope you're back to 100% soon.

My Sat run was one of the best I've had this year.