Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Age Group

a note to ADP:

Happy Birthday ADP!  Welcome to a new age group.  You have been treated well in the few races you ran in the last year:
Half Marathon, 1st Place AG and 10th overall, 10/10/10
10K, 7th overall, 1/9/11
Father's Day 5K, 2nd Place AG and 16th overall, 6/19/11

I cannot wait to see what you do in your new age group.  Although, you are getting old* so it is okay for you to listen to your body and slow down if you must.

*you may think you are old, but since I beat you to this age group by a few months I can say it isn't all bad.  


Anne said...

Happy Birthday to ADP and enjoy the new AG!!

Christi said...

Happy Birthday ADP!

J said...

Aww Happy Birthday to ADP!! So exciting to be entering a new AG!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, ADP!! Now that you're in a new age group, we fully expect big time swag won at these races!! :)

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday ADP, enjoy the new a.g.!