Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Things Friday

  1. Don't forget to enter my Gotein giveaway HERE.  It is easy to enter, so check it out.
  2. I will answer the Q&A questions you left me this weekend or early next week.  Feel free to leave me more questions HERE.
  3. I'm trying to talk ADP into doing a guest post because I found out last night that he apparently did a century ride when he was young (no idea what age...but when he was still living in MT with his parents).  
  4. I've been going to the pool everyday because my kids have lessons.  When it is nice we stay and play in the water until we want to leave.  It has me thinking...tri??  And then I asked Punky's instructor from last year how long the pool was and I did the math.  Hmmm, I'd have to be able to swim this thing ~15 times but in open water to do the first part of a sprint tri.  Maybe no tri for me...
  5. Yesterday we were at ADP's work picnic and while he was chatting with coworkers about work the kids and I went exploring around the park.  I walked along the service road and the kids walked on the rocks.  Ah, the joy of being a kid and walking on the rocks because they want to.

Tomorrow I have 11 miles on tap with my running group.  I love these runs.  I have no idea what time we are meeting, but it is the last of the 'shorter' runs before we start getting into the mileage I've only dreamt of.


Christi said...

Have a great run! And you can do a triathlon!

Tricia said...

enjoy our run!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love the way kids always take a more exciting path.

Enjoy your run!

ajh said...

Enjoy your run and could do a tri!

Cynthia O'H said...

You can do a tri, I'm sure of it. I'm starting to think along those lines too. My cycling is so strong now, my run will come back....All I need is to get back in the water.