Sunday, June 19, 2011

Please, Can I Go Again?

This was a whirlwind weekend.  Saturday started with a training run with USA Fit.  I ran with one other person and it was a great run.  We went slow (as in my heart rate average was 143 instead of the usual 160+) and it felt like I talked the whole time.  Apparently we read the map wrong because everyone finished with 8.5 miles and we did 9.3 miles.  The training plan called for 9 so I'll call it good!   

When I finished with the training run I hurried home, cleaned up, and headed to soccer with the family so I could coach Punky's last game of the season.  Then, before the game was done (boo!!) I had to leave and head to the next event:  Mud Mania!  I met up with  Amanda and we captured a few before shots.

We were in the 1:00 wave so we headed to the start about 12:30 and watched some of the runners filter in from the previous waves.  Before we knew it we were off and running.  I was expecting mud and obstacles.  I was not expecting doing my first trail run ever.  Inside 15 minutes I was exhausted and wondering if we would ever go downhill again.  And then the fun really started.  We had a river crossing, a mud river (not a crossing, but walking down the mud river), tires, more trails and hills, a water/soap slide and with a mud pit finale.  It was a blast.  So, when can I go again??

When we were finished we walked back to the car to get a few after shots.

mud facial!

We headed back to the start/finish of the race after getting some pictures because one of the local fire houses was hosing runners off.  The truck had just run out of water when we got there so we had to wait a little before getting hosed off.  I did eventually end up "clean."

The problem with the day is that up to this point (~2:30) I'd had a gel, a couple nuun, a bowl of oatmeal and a couple bananas.  I was hungry!  In my race packet was a coupon for a free Crazy Bread.  I stopped at Little Caesars asked what Crazy Bread was and ordered my free bag.  I ate the whole thing on the way home.  Oops.
I have to say, I did not think I would like the trails so much.  I can't wait to head back there and run again, only this time without the obstacles.

FWIW, I finished the 2.8 mile obstacle-trail-mud run in 42:15.  Not bad for someone who had never run trails or obstacles and hasn't played in the mud since I was a little kid.


Michael said...

Sounds like alot of fun! I really want to do a mud run someday. Just haven't found one locally that works with my schedule.

Teamarcia said...

Looks like fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

Penny said...

OMG it like you had a great time. I did a run like that in nov. totally loved it. plan on doing it again this year. I love it when you just get to enjoy a race and not have to worry about what time you get.