Sunday, June 5, 2011

Matching Butts

Remember that little half marathon I talked ADP into?  The one that he got a 1st place AG award.  Well, you may not remember but I do (for a refresher see this post).  ADP did not let me know that he wanted a sticker for his car for months after the race.  Then, we finally get him one and he doesn't wash his car for months.  I took it upon myself to wash his car (and mine!) this morning and now we have matching butts:
Thanks for all the thoughts about Maddie and I.  Maddie was very protective of me last night and this morning.  We were both a little jumpy on our run this morning and since running she has decided it is okay to leave my side for short periods of time.  I think she would protect me from anything given the chance.

This week's plan:
Today:  Take Maddie for a run (done)
Mon:  25 easy
Tues:  35 hills (which includes warming up and cooling down according to my plan)
Wed:  20 easy
Thurs:  30 tempo (which includes warming up and cooking down acc'd to my plan)
Friday:  who knows
Sat:  6 miles

It is a drop-down week, without a doubt.


runningonwords said...

Love the sticker! I always get excited when I see someone else with 13.1 on their car in traffic.

Penny said...

Love the sticker. I want one that says 26.2. I've only done one marathon does that qualify me to have a marathon sticker. Good Luck on your workouts this week.