Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maddie Wanted Faster

I have been trying to take Maddie out for a nice leisurely run every Sunday.  It is good for me because I've been doing my long runs on Saturday so my legs get stretched out a little and it is good for Maddie because she loves running.  We usually go nice and slow.  She wasn't having any of it this morning so for the first time, she ran and I followed.  We were attached with a leash because she isn't trained to go off leash.

I tried to keep her slower the first mile and then gave up.  We both had a blast and that is what counts.

Now I'm sitting on the couch.  Maddie is laying on one foot and the other is in a bucket of ice water (more on this another day).  Have a wonderful Sunday!


Running Librarian said...

obviously Maddie is training for a race that you don't know about ;)

Jenn said...

Nice job Maddie! Sounds like a perfect Sunday morning:)

misszippy said...

Dogs can be the best training partners! Glad you both enjoyed it.

ajh said...

I hope your foot is okay. Maddie must have been in heaven.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

I always take my Sophie out for the first 2 miles - then I usually drop her off at home and head back out. The longest she has run is about 9 miles - it was in the early spring - so the temperatures were pretty cool.
She is the best running buddy.