Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Races in 1 Weekend

Saturday I had my first trail race, which happened to be a mud run as well.  In case you missed the recap, check it out here.  If you don't want to go there, here it is in a nutshell:  up hill, up hill, obstacle, up hill, down hill, obstacle, down hill river crossing, up muddy hill, more obstacles, more up and down, adult version of slip and slide with a mud pit finale.

Sunday morning dawned and we had three more races on tap.  Thankfully, they were not mine because my quads were feeling the effects of all those uphills from Saturday.  I was the photographer for the day and I did a fine job.  I'll only share a few of the 200 picture I took (I had lots of fun playing with my camera).

First up was ADP's Father's Day 5K.  The kids decked themselves out in their finest (running gear, that is) and we were off to the race.
Punky, ADP, Bugs

matching shirts! 
The last two years ADP had exactly the same time (19:19) and he had a big goal for this year:  break 19 minutes.  We saw him off at the start of the race, ~mile 2 and at the finish.  It was great watching him.

and they are off...

the kids had a blast counting how many runners were before ADP

final kick!  only .05 mi to go.  he practically has jazz hands
ADP hit his goal and came in at 18:44!!  Overall:  16/583.  AG:  2/34.  ADP is really proud of how he did, but the elation was short lived when he saw his ave pace was 6:02.  I think he's got a new goal in mind now. 

We skipped the awards ceremony and headed to the kids races.  First up was Punky who was going to run the half-mile.  This was her second year running it and for a six year old she rocked the race.  Punky crossed the start/finish line at 5:47 with hair flying out behind her!  She was also rocking a pink running skirt.

love the medal!
Next up was Bugs who moved up to the 1 mile race this year.  He had his first "real" bib for this race.  He took off like a bandit and all I caught of him was his back (see the red arrow pointing to the blue shirt):
He was the youngest kid in this race, although the next youngest only had 6 months on him.  Even so, he came in 5th for boys and 8th overall!  My 7 year old covered the mile in 8:29!  I won't be keeping up with him once he gets taller.

super proud of the medal
And the Father's Day race shirt...
an original


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love that Father's Day race shirt! Awesome!

Congrats to the whole family. What a great running day.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

What a fun day! Congrats to your husband for an amazing time!!

ajh said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Jill said...

I am loving how the whole family had such an amazing experience with all those races!! Best weekend for sure!!

Yeah, I can see your husband's brain thinking he needs to remove that mind would think the same thing :.

Darlene said...

I see that running is in the genes.

Penny said...

I just think that is the neatest thing the whole family in a running a event. That shirt is original, love it. I am the only runner in this family. Darn it.

Julie said...

Suzy!! I have missed you girl! What a fun posting! Loving all of the pictures:) Congrats to your hubby...super speedy for sure! Is he doing a future marathon like I think he should? Just saying.

Black Knight said...

What a nice race shirt, but I don't think he will wear it to go to ... work!
Great pictures. Congrats to hubby for his fast race.