Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Follow a Training Plan?

I diligently made a training plan and I think one time in April I actually followed what it said.  I always look at it and think the plan for the day is a great one and then do whatever I want.  Why in the world did I do a training plan for myself?  I have no idea!  I'm sure you are wondering what I did yesterday then.  I put the next month's worth of plan up on my white board.  I may not follow it, but I have it just in case.
The last box in the calendar (6/4) has my next race, Freihofer's Run for Women 5K.  I do not usually race this one, it is fun and hilly and there is a lot of energy so I have a fun 5K.  Plus, it is really cool to be able to say I ran in a race with elite runners.  The list of elites looks awesome once again.

Yesterday I went for a run and originally had the intention to do the 7 mile tempo run I decided not to do on Friday.  Then I thought it would be good to do 10 mile.  Then it was 7 miles at tempo and 3 easy miles.  I was up early, but since ADP was running first I read the paper, enjoyed some tea and entertained the kids for a while before heading out the door.

The first mile was right about the pace I was going for.  Then I saw a runner in front of me.  She was running about 10 sec/mi faster than me and I made sure she did not get too far out of my sights.  We went different directions and then I saw someone running with a dog.  I slowly closed the distance.  (Can you tell I like to leapfrog?)  When I stopped at home after my first loop I looked at my garmin and knew there was no way I was going another 5, especially since I wanted to get a lot of yard work done later in the day.  My beloved garmin gave me this news:

  • mile 1:  9:43/mi
  • mile 2:  9:21/mi
  • mile 3:  9:13/mi
  • mile 4:  9:11/mi
  • mile 5:  9:21/mi (this one has the icky hill)
  • last .44 mi:  3:56 for 8:57/mi equiv
Oops, I unintentionally ran negative splits.  What happened to my 9:40/mi run?  I guess it did not happen.  I did not try too hard because I didn't look at my garmin after the first mile.  I decided to be done after 5.44 miles so I picked up Maddie and we went out for 1.82 miles at a nice leisurely 10:23/mi pace!  

My original plan was not lost though.  I originally set out to go 7 miles at 9:40/mi.  Looking at the whole run including the part with Maddie I was not far off.  7.26 mi with an average pace of 9:36/mi.  I guess things work out just fine in the end.  :)


Penny said...

Congrats on your run and negative split. I hate to follow training plans. For me my own real training is to get all my miles in for that we with a long run. I dont stress on the other core stuff. I just do what I can do when I'm not running. My running partner on the other hand has to get everything done just like it says in her training plan. I thinks that why we get along well. I just like to go with the flow and she is hyper.

Jenn said...

Ha ha! I hear you on the training plans!! I am happy if I get 2 days a week exactly as the plan says!! Nice job on the run and yes, things do work out just fine:)

Teamarcia said...

At least you have it as a rough guideline. I've been planless for the past 4 months and the number of 3-mile runs and long runs cut short seem to increase. can you say slacker? It was a good mental break though.

misszippy said...

Plans are good, but not being married to them all the time is good too. Sounds like you had fun!

Julie said...

Suzy!! How are you? It has been a few months....I am back:) Yes, running yesterday was tough. Icky weather for sure. Cute picture, you look good in blue. I hope that your training is going well. Keep pluggin away! Hugs!

Aimee said...

That cracks me up about your training plan. I used to think I had to follow everything my training plan said and sometimes felt guilty when I didn't. I have since learned that it's O-KAY to switch things up a bit. Life happens, things change, and it's better to just go with the flow then feel tied down to a plan!
Nice job with your run by the way! Woohoo!

ajh said...

I love training plans. I don't have to think! Just go.

The Happy Runner said...

Nice job! You know I'm all about flexibility with the plans. Sometimes you just gotta do what your body tells you, whether its on the plan or not!