Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Did THAT Come From?

I finally had a chance to sit down and look at all the info my garmin has been keeping on me.  This week has been an interesting one.  The first question I had to ask was, where did that come from? when I was looking at my times from Tuesday and today.

Tuesday was the day I went to my first USA Fit running clinic, which just happened to be on hills.  I don't run fast, but I like to think that I can hold my own against yours truly.  And I did just that!  We did a nice little warm up and then went up a .25 mi hill twice over.  Tuesday night I was happy to see that my second time up the hill was 3 seconds faster than the first.  When we were done we did a nice little cool down.  So, imagine my surprise just now when I looked at my ave pace for the hills expecting 9s or even 10s and I see hill 1 = 8:15/mi and hill 2 = 7:58.  I don't even break 8:00/mi when I'm doing 400s on flat ground or the treadmill!

Fast-forward to this afternoon.  It was a hot 85F with high humidity and 15 mph winds.  The training plan called for a tempo run.  I asked my coach what this meant (as I'm used to times and mileage and more information).  What I was told was to do a 10 min warm up, ~15 minutes at a few seconds slower than 5K pace, and a 10 min cool down.  OK.  I can go slow to start and end.  5K pace in this heat?  Ummmmm, I can barely hold 9:00/mi when it is perfectly cold and I'm well rested.  So I just went for it and my two miles of tempo both came in at 8:50/mi.  Once again, where did that come from?

Now I want to run a 5K because at that pace I'd get a PR!  The only problem is holding it for another 1.1 miles.  Maybe I'll do it when it is cold, as in 30F cold.  I guess it is one more thing to strive for.

Do you ever surprise yourself when running?


Teamarcia said...

Those kind of surprises are the best! Good for you.
My best running surprises have come in races when I'm not looking at my Garmin or think it's off.

ajh said...

Fantastic job! I would like that kind of surprise.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Awesome job ... SUB 8 ... wow! That's great, and on hills???

Darlene said...

You're getting really speedy. My runs the lst 3 days have been 11-12 min/mi!! But I did surprise myself in my last 5k finishing at 27:54.

Jennifer Cotter said...

That's great! I love it when I surprise myself. However, for me, it's when I get sub-10 minute miles. If I got sub-8, I'd fall over in shock! :)

chillestad said...

Way to go!!! If you keep increasing your tempo runs, you will continue to surprise yourself :) I hate them with a passion but they give me the times I like. So fun when the time is faster than you thought!

Black Knight said...

What a wonderful surprise, yes you are in perfect shape to break your PR on the 5km.
Everyday I surprise myself: many doctors said that I wouldn't have anymore been able to walk in a normal way.