Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday, 5.19

Sunday it was raining hard, the grands had the kiddos for a couple hours so ADP and I had to decide what to do.  What does any couple do with a couple extra hours that they usually don't have?  We went to the gym.  I had to ask when we checked in how long it had been since my last visit.  The receptionist looked it up and then said, "Are you going for a record?"  Um, no.  I just usually run at home or outside.  It had been 199 days since I last stepped inside "my" gym.  I don't know that I can call it "my" gym since I go less than 2x a year.  Oops.

When we finished at the gym, ADP joked that we finally ran together.  And, I beat him.  Yes, that is what happens when we run on side by side treadmills and I start 5 minutes before him.  I will finish my 45 minutes before him.  Good thing he was not talking about mileage because I managed ~4.6 miles compared to his 6+ miles in the same time.

Speaking of ADP, he is running the local Workforce Challenge 3.5 miler this evening.  I am taking the kids to soccer.  I am bummed that I'll be missing the race.  But with 9,300 runners it will be a mad-house and a bit of a challenge to pick him out of the crowd.  Thankfully he is running a (much smaller) 5K on Father's Day.  I plan on having my cowbell ready for that race!  GL ADP!


Molly said...

that's a big race for a Thursday night! Hope ADP does well : )

Michael said...

I unfortunately don't get to my gym very often either, but it's not because I don't workout, it's just that I have my bike and trainer at home, and I run outside or on my own treadmill alot. The only reason I have a membership is for the pool and I hate my pool there, so I often pay to go swim somewhere else. Not sure why I keep the membership...just to have the option I guess :)

Black Knight said...

Good luck ADP. 9500 runners are a lot of persons!
The last time I went to the gym was in 2007 with the crutches to recover after the surgery: I prefer the swimming pool and the workouts. Have a good week end.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Nice that you buys got to run together. Treadmill or not.

I've never race on a week night. That is a lot of runners!

Enjoy your weekend. Congrats on the graudation! Your photos are great.