Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is It Time for New Shoes?

Today was the day of the 'run interrupted.'  Our washer was to be fixed this morning and repairman Bob was supposed to get here between 10 and 11:30.  I waited and waited and he did not show up so I got on the treadmill at 11:40 (after calling and leaving a message wondering if he was coming).  For the first 30 minutes I kept thinking I heard the doorbell or the phone so I kept stopping my run and checking to see if someone was here.  Finally, about an hour into my run repairman Bob's secretary called and there is confusion.  In the end, I finished my run (7.35 miles worth) and my washer is still not fixed.

I got back from my run Sunday and looked at my shoes.  They feel good, although not quite as cushy as they once were.  The thing is that I'm just not ready to get rid of them just because they have miles on them.  These shoes have carried me through three half marathons and some of the training (my "indoor" shoes did the other half of the training).
They have enough miles on them (~425).  I put new insoles in them over 100 miles ago.  I want to keep running in them until they are no good.  When it is time, do you think new insoles will keep them going longer??


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I suggest new shoes. Why take a chance on hurting yourself. Mine are out at 400 miles.

ajh said...

I go to 500 pretty much always. I am at close to 400 with one pair and got a new pair before my half last weekend.

Penny said...

I'm bad. I get a new pair every year. This year being an exception b/c I'm running in vff's now. Due to hamsting and hip issues while running in my running shoes. I feel these vff's will last longer for me b/c their isnt much between my feet and the pavement. I am know help. Sorry

onelittletrigirl said...

I typically get new shoes every 300-400 miles but use the old ones for walking and every day life once I get new ones.

chris mcpeake said...

definitely new shoes .. ASAP