Monday, May 23, 2011

Ignoring Directions

Marathon training day 2 and I'm already ignoring the training plan.  I'd say "Oops" but I don't feel like it.  I outright ignored the directions that said 30 minutes easy and did about 142 minutes easy.  See, I know that I am training for a marathon, but I decided at the beginning of the year that I would run one 13.1 miler a month.  Today was the day, so I did it and ignored my training directions.

Here's how it went:  I tried to run slower (a.k.a. the pace I'm thinking about for the marathon) and thanks to the treadmill I was able to.  Round 1 was 2 miles at each 5.3 mph, 5.4 mph, 5.5 mph, 5.6 mph and then I stopped the treadmill.  See, my 'mill won't keep going up in minutes after 90 or 99, so I opted to stop at 88:06 (8 miles even) and reset it.  Round 2 was 2 miles at each 5.7 mph and 5.6 mph, with a finish of 1.1 miles at 5.5 mph.  If my addition is correct (which it usually is), I ran 13.1 miles in 2:22:35.  I walked a nice pace to 2:30:00 to stretch the legs out some.
starting mile 10, Inception on the TV (even though you cannot tell)

I also tried out my new sports bra, the Versatx Support Bra, for a longer run.  It was nice, no chaffing, and did it's job.  It is a relatively new design and I love their previous design so when I could get it 15% off I decided to get it.  

Update on ADP's run last Thursday night.  The Corporate Challenge has teams that compete from different businesses.  This year, ADP was on his company's "Mens A" team which got 4th place overall (the four guys ran 19:32, 19:43, 20:44, and 21:06).  Last year ADP was on the team that placed 7th...he's moving up!  Congrats to the whole team!


Penny said...

Great 13.1 miler. You are going to do great on your marathon training. Hardest step is signing up for one, or I should say that it was for me. That would actually mean I am going threw with it. That alone was sacary to me. But I did it. I truely was in ah about doing it and finishing it. You go Suzy.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great job on the 13.1! I don't think there's anything wrong with changing the plan to fit you, but I probably waaaaay too much so take that with a grain of salt. No idea what you're talking about with these "bra" contraptions.

Michael said...

You must be a true runner...when my training plan calls for less miles I never have a problem with that! Great job on the run!

Manderz said...

When I saw status on FB I thought to myself - must be Suzy's monthly half marathon! Great job running 13.1 on a treadmill. I cant get over how fast ADP is!

Molly said...

Nice job to both you and ADP! Which marathon did you decide on?

Nicole Orriëns said...

I'm having trouble sticking to training plans too, becaue I often have my own plans! I think it has to do with being a mom, and having to find your own way of doing things.

Love the Versatx!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I think it's awesome that you held to your other goal regardless of your marathon training plan!