Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching Up

How do I even start?  In the middle because that seems to work for me.

running in the rain
I had my first group long run with USA Fit on Saturday morning.  It was the longest run ever for some of the people and not so for others.  The run was supposed to be 6 miles and came in at 5.75 miles.  I did not make up the last .25 miles, but I really wanted to because I am me.  It went well, but I had a hard time staying with the red group.  I know that I will run slow for the marathon and I should be in the red group, it was different for me.  I was chatting along talking the whole time and one got quiet after about 2 miles and the other stopped at 3.75 miles to take a gel and (from my perspective) catch his breath.  I left the group after that and finished the run by myself.  I'm bummed that I didn't have people to run with the whole time, but I don't think I can go up to the next group because for a long distance I won't be able to maintain the pace.

I have been doing other running, some in the rain, some in the heat, some with the fuzzy one named Maddie.  Other than running, I have been doing all important things around the house.  Yesterday was planting day!  Our gardens are in and we put down the first cubic yard of mulch.  Now I just need to finish weeding so we can put more mulch down.  My legs are tight today from the hours upon hours spent in the gardens yesterday.  Of course, I am happy with the outcome so I'll take the tight legs.

I ran hills on the treadmill this morning.  I've never really done hill repeats on the treadmill before.  If anyone out there has, please let me know how you did it.  I'm not so sure I am going about it right.

Have a wonderful and short week!


Teamarcia said...

Yay for the garden! My weeds are pulled (for now) too!
For mill hills, I just do minute or 2 intervals at 4, 5, 6 whatever you want then take a minute or so to recover.

Jennifer Cotter said...

Ha ha..."I did not make up the last .25 miles, but I really wanted to because I am me". I would totally have HAD to make up the .25 miles. :) This morning, I ran around an extra block, so my Garmin didn't say 6.85 miles instead of 7.
Have fun with your gardens!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

runners are so funny, we want our nice round numbers :)

with the group... maybe it works great to have people around for part of it and then practice running alone for some? That is where you get to practice a lot of the mental toughness you need.

Darlene said...

I love hearing about your group training experiences. Sometimes I wish I had someone to run with to motivate me and then sometimes I am happy that I run alone so I can do my own thing.
Yeah, sometimes I run in circles just to get to 3.0 rather than 2.8.

ajh said...

I would have had to run that .25. That is also me. I like reading about your training with this group.

Meg said...

I have very fond memories of training with different groups for various marathons. My favorite ones were those groups that were relaxed with some fun and chatty runners. I miss those old days!! Enjoy your good times...