Sunday, May 1, 2011

April by the Numbers

April has come and gone already.  There were a lot of rainy days here, but I made the best of them.  Here is how it went:

April miles run:  86.8
April races:  1
April days run:  16 (for 53%)
2011 miles:
When it comes down to it, I think I do this post because I love charts and graphs.  :)


Aimee said...

Nice job! Nice pie chart too! :)

ajh said...

What do you make them in?

J said...

I love the graphs too! Great job on April! Here is to an even better May!

Penny said...

Great april runs. Considering the cool weather. I dont like graph.I wish I could graph like that.

Christi said...

Great lookin' graphs!

onelittletrigirl said...

I really like to graph but try to not to do it because I get real nerdy and usually find myself lost in the numbers and ect.

You are totally going to get your milage goal, btw!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Ah yes, the pie chart makes it much more interesting. Thanks for the tip!!!