Friday, April 8, 2011

Race Pix

It is unplug week here so I am sneaking on the computer before the kids get up.  The schools follow the 'no TV' week but since my kids really don't watch TV we are unplugging.  Do you know how hard it is not to look things up on your phone when it is with you most of the time?  We'll be unplugged (during child-being-awake hours) through the weekend.  Then I'll be catching up because  it looks like my google reader is bursting at the seams.

Race photos were released yesterday.  I actually had some good ones this time...and some not so good ones.

and we're off (Amanda is on the right)

all about...ME
no wonder I got tired, it looks like I ran with my hands up the whole time

Not flattering

I see the finish and it is not moving my direction fast enough!

I was spent and across the line
next up:  What's next?


mindysmarathon said...

Great pictures!! So, what IS next??

Molly said...

What Mindy said. : )

ajh said...

LOVE the start picture.

Black Knight said...

Great pics, you look fast and in perfect shape.

Badgergirl said...

Great photos!

Penny said...

Suzy you did great and got some great pic's. Of course for me I always love the picture of me crossing the finish line. That way I know I'm done.