Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've Never Done That Before

I love my treadmill but I still try to balance my treadmill and outdoor running.  I do most of my long runs outside, some of my easy runs and some of my tempo runs as well.  I have never done speed work outside.  I have not been on a track since my sophomore year of high school when they made me run a mile.  Yeah, it's been that long!

So, when I saw it was 52F today and I had 1000's on tap I figured I would try it out.  I wrote my time goals on my arm
translation:  8:25/mi so each 1000 should be 5:14 long
I did some quick (and rough) calculations and figured 4 x 0.62mi (about 1000 m) with .25 rest interval (about 400 m).  I ran a mile there nice and slow and then went at it.  Oh my!  1000's are much harder outside as opposed to on the treadmill.  My legs were fine, my lungs were working hard, but mentally it was a lot of work.  Slow down. speed up.  Breath, in-out-in-out.  Slow down.  Repeat as needed.  I walked the first tenth of the rest interval and then jogged the rest.  Even with everything to keep straight, I think I did ok.

  • warm up, ~1 mile
  • .62 mi in 5:09 (8:17/mi), too fast; .18 mi rest interval (RI)
  • .62 mi in 5:07 (8:16/mi), too fast again; .19 mi RI
  • .62 mi in 5:09 (8:18/mi), I see a 'too fast' trend; .24 mi RI
  • .62 mi in 5:09 (8:18/mi)
  • cool down, ~1 mi
So I went too fast.  I was pretty consistent though.  Thank goodness I only had to do four of them; I don't know how many more I could have pulled off.  I ended up running 5.18 miles today.  Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon.


Christi said...

Congrats on hitting the track! I have not hit the track yet this year but I will be there soon. The weather is finally near cooperating!

Teamarcia said...

Nice work!
How cool ADP is running too! : )

Jim ... 50after40 said...

At first I thought that was your leg and I was like, "man, that's gonna be really tough to read!" Great job on the workout!

ajh said...

Good for you. I really depend on the treadmill for my speed workouts. Once when the gym was closed for a holiday I did them on the track. Sounds like you did fine!

Liz said...

Great consistency! Nice running.

JenLo said...

It must be what you are used to...the treadmill kills me (I don't own one, so I have to "borrow") I guess because outside, at least I can see that I'm getting somewhere!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Nice job on the track! I haven't been to one in ages.

Molly said...

I have yet to get to the track and do speed work, I need to do it if it ever gets nice and stays nice!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great job on the repeats! I haven't done any speed work since last summer . . . I should probably add a few rounds of repeats . . . I am sure it would help.

Black Knight said...

Only the treadmill is worst than the track.
Great job on the repeats, well done!