Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zoot Goes the Skirt

My running days are all screwed up!  I usually do my long run on Sunday, but it was nice and not raining yesterday so I laced up my shoes and headed out.  It was wet from all the snow melting, it was damp because it felt like the rain would come down at any time, and it felt warm (45F!!).  I stuck it out and finished all my miles outside.

I tried out my new running skirt for the second time.  It is by Zoot and I wanted to see if it would be fine for my half in April.  I ordered navy blue and was surprised to see purple stitching when I opened it.
the side slit is so high!
a pocked on either side...perfect for a gel in each

...and the front
I have to say that I did not like how it fit around the waist, but after a couple miles it settled (a bit lower on my lower back than I would normally wear a skirt or shorts) and it felt more like a second skin than a pair of shorts/skirt that I had to keep tugging on to keep in place.  I think I finally found a skirt that I can wear out of the house!!  Thanks Keri for the suggestion and helping me find the right skirt.

So, back to yesterday.  I decided somewhere along the way that I would run a half every month this year.  Not necessarily official half marathons, but I'd go the distance every month.  January was an official half and February was a half on the treadmill.  March (yesterday) ended up being a wet and windy day.  I finished 14.04 miles in total by the time the day was done.  Here's a little how it went:
  • miles 1-5:  I feel awesome.  Maybe I should look into becoming a half fanatic.  Average pace ~9:50, too fast for a long run around the neighborhood.
  • miles 6-8:  I should look for two halfs in the same weekend!  That would be awesome.  Average pace ~10:05, this is more like it.
  • miles 8-11:  I am out of my mind!  Why do I do this to myself?  I cannot hold my pace AT.ALL.  Pace anywhere from 10:08 to 11:52 (I walked up that hill).
  • mile 12:  I can walk once I hit 13.1.  How am I ever going to hit my time goal in less than a month?   Pace 10:33/mi
  • mile 13:  OMG, the pain!  Make the pain in my left leg stop.  Only a little to go.  Keep moving forward.  Pace:  10:40 (why did I turn this way, there's another hill.)
  • mile 13.11:  Thank everything good in the world, I did it!  Pace ave to 10:54 (no reason to go fast now)
  • 13.1 - 14.04 miles:  walk, attempt to run, walk, attempt to run, practically collapse on my front step.
  • For my own records, I stopped at my house 3 times for water and stopped once mid-run to stretch my left leg.  Hammer gel at miles 4.5, 8.5 and 11.  I stopped my garmin off for these four stops.  Moving time:  2:14:17, 10:15/mi ave.
I think my summer goal may be to figure out how to start slower and actually accomplish negative splits or negative halves or negative quarters...or perhaps just one little-itsy-bitsy-mile at the end of a run being faster than my first miles.  

One of the problems may have been that my normal running route is still under snow and ice.  I chose to run circles in my subdivision (see below).  One of my goals was to try to run down every road in the subdivision and when I looked at the map at the end I only missed two little segments.  That means I looked at roughly 550 houses.  This translates to 550+ garage doors and now I know what I want my garage door to look like (when we replace it in what will probably be 5 or 10 years).
There you have it.  14.04 miles.  My longest run ever.

The weekly plan:
Monday:  10 min WU, 3 x 2000 (400RI), 10 min WD
Tuesday:  rest
Wednesday or Thursday:  1 mi easy, 2 mi short-tempo, repeat, finish with 1 mi easy
Friday:  easy something
Saturday:  rest
Sunday:  10 miles (miles 1-5 slow, miles 6-10 at half marathon pace)


Penny said...

Way to go Suzy on you long run. I use to start out fast in races, but learned real fast I could not hold that pace till the end. So now I like to start off at s steady pace not to fast not to slow. As I get closer to the finish line is when I tend to pick up some speed. My running partner is just the oppisite, she like to start fast, but at the end she hasn't got a whole lot left to finish with. So we are trying to meet in the middle. Good Luck. You will get there. I like the new look.

Jill said...

YAY for the longest run ever!! So very cool and I'm sure you feel amazing about that! Soon that snowy stuff you guys out east have will melt (a pretty mind here in Denver this winter!! Not that I'm complaining!) and your regular routes will appear - great job girl!!

The skirt is very cute on you...and I LOVE purple :).

Molly said...

WOW!! Cheers to your longest run ever!! I still see a marathon in your future!

and...the 7:20 wake up? My son's bus comes at 8:10. Luckily he's good about getting ready in the morning. Once he's off, I get my daughter ready for school, and drop her off by nine. I know these days are numbered, so I'm relishing them!

ajh said...

Congrats on the long run!
Did you end up getting school cancelled? It is still snowing like crazy here even though it was scheduled to stop awhile ago.

Christi said...

Congratulations on a great run!

J said...

Great job on the run outside! The weather sure was nice this weekend before all that snow hit! Love the skirt! I cant wait to pull mine out for the summer!

Christine said...

Way to go Suzy! New distances are awesome - I always remember when I hit one. Good job!

coach dion said...

When my athletes are training for a half I try and get then out on the weekend doing a long run every week. While I look at anything up to 3h30 of running I have them running 90-120min so your plan of a half a month is a good idea as it will make you strong for the races you do. I hope as your weather improves you will find some great runs to do. We meet at a different place each week and head out from there...