Thursday, March 31, 2011

March by the Numbers

March is as good as done and since I'm not running today here we go with some fun and exciting numbers! Really, aren't all numbers fun and exciting?  I love them.  Sometimes when I am having a hard time on a run I will run numbers in my head and it usually cheers me up and definitely takes my mind off my run.  Seriously, try doing big multiplication in your head on a run.  You will have to concentrate on the numbers and not on how the run isn't going great.

March was a good running month for me number wise.  I finished up my long runs and tapered this month.  It also turned out to be my first 100+ mile month since August.  Way too long to go without a big month!

  • March Miles:  105.62 (65.45 on the treadmill and 40.17 outside)
  • Days run:  17 (55% of March)
  • 2011 goal:  27% of the way there

Now, in case you have not watched the weather for my little town here in Upstate NY, we are supposed to get walloped tomorrow.  Yet another Nor'easter is coming our way.  Well, I am supposed to be on the road traveling to my race, which is Saturday morning.  It looks like I'll be heading out tonight.  (Any stalkers out neighbor will be staying at my house and I have a big dog that does NOT like unknown people.)  Let's just hope the snow is gone by 9:13 on Saturday morning when I am supposed to run a SPRINGtime half marathon.


Christi said...

I will be sending postive weather vibes your way!

Darlene said...

I'm still hoping that it is an April's fools joke.

Good luck on your race and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz said...

I just posted yesterday about my numbers for March and how much I love stats! I have to admit though, you have outdone me with your pie-chart and percentages - very nice!

Aimee said...

Nice numbers!
Boooo to the snow!! I hope it stays away!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I have 2 big dogs at my house. Heehee. I love the little print.

Love the percentages!

Run strong at your race. (my verifcation word end with PR, it's a sign!!)

J said...

Good luck in the race! hope the weather cooperates! Great job on March!! I love your pie graph!

Black Knight said...

Indeed very good numbers.
Now you are almost to start your race: good luck from sunny Italy!
About the numbers again: when we didn't have garmin or similar we were able to calculate the pace by our mind, weren't we?

Beth said...

I hope that the weather cooperated and theat you had a great race! Congrats on a great month, too!