Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suzy vs. Her Mind

Last weekend was the 3-person relay and it was Suzy (and all the other racers) vs. the wind.  My last two runs were both Suzy vs. her mind.  Seriously, I can turn the best run bad with a single thought.  This probably is not different than most people, but it is getting annoying given that I want to run my best half in April.

Thursday I dropped the kids off at their afternoon camp and parked the car at the soccer fields.  They don't look too pretty during the winter:
Thursday's training said 6 mile med-tempo; I aim for 9:40 for a mid-tempo run.  I dressed almost the same as Sunday even though it was 30F with only a slight breeze.  I started off and looked down at my watch and it was reading, I did not think I was capable of running that fast.  I slowed down and kept reminding myself to slow down for the first two miles.  I finally gave up trying to run slower and just went with it.  I ran past my kids' school, I ran past the schools I'd love to get a job in, I ran past the library and then I hit the ice.  It wasn't ice that I could run on, it was perfectly smooth ice.  I stopped my watch and walked as carefully as I could around and across the ice:
My 6 miles came to an end and I knew it was about as perfect of a 6 mile run as I can have (other than the ice).  I am glad I gave up on my 9:40/mi goal.

  • 6.00 mi, 55:08, 9.11/mi
  • splits:  9:04, 9:18 (into the wind), 9:07, 9:15 (ice, lots of ice), 9:10, 9:13
  • Suzy 1 : mind 0
I loved this run and will think about it often.  Unfortunately, today was nothing less than 10 miles of 'I don't want to be doing this...can I quit now?' thinking.  Chalk one up for the mind, today:  Suzy 0 : mind 1.  I finished today's run, but it was nothing to write home about so I will think about my 6 mile run and wonder...can I do more?


ajh said...

Those are awesome splits. I hear you about the so so run though.

Karen R said...

Great job winning the battle with your mind!

You are such a trooper for running in that type of weather! :)

Penny said...

That 6 miler was good. I to struggle with my mind and its games. Just chalk it up to an off day and your next run is going to be great. Sometimes I just want to stop the thoughts in my mind for a little while and just breathe.

Christi said...

Stick that 6 miler in your bag and use it later when the mind is winning!

Karen said...

Way to go on the awesome 6 mile run!! Sorry about the ice!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

WOW the 6 miler sounded great and speedy!

Black Knight said...

The wind and the mind are bad enemies!!! But you won.
Good job on the 6 miler, that ice looks terrible.

J said...

Yea my mind won this morning when I heard the rain on the roof. I was not going out in the rain and wind to run. Great job on your awesome 6 miler!

Alma said...

Nice job - that looks treacherous!

Darlene said...

Great 6 miler at a super pace. I remember when you said you were a slow runner. You are NOT!