Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Shorts went Tempo

next the treadmill
I won a pair of shorts on I'm a Sleeper Baker and they arrived just before the latest winter storm.  Since I'm not about to go out and run in the cold weather in shorts, I hit up my treadmill today.  I took my new shorts on a tempo run and they treated me well.

The compression shorts came with directions as to how to put them on.  I took a quick look at the directions and the shorts and they looked to me a lot like Spanx (girls, you know what I'm talking about).  Yes, I admit I have Spanx and wear them as needed (on those rare occasions I dress up) so I went about putting the shorts on just like I put on leg at a time.  I do have a few questions...why does the draw string pull out so far that I can easily pull it past my shoulder?

the drawstring
Second, what is with the seams?  When I put the shorts on and looked in the mirror it looked like I had granny undies on over a pair of black shorts.  Yes, part was the lighting, but the seams didn't help.  So, I did what any (not) sane person would do, I took a picture of my bum.  I know we all want to see a picture of my bum, so here it is:
See what I mean?  The seams make the shorts look granny panty-like.  I know that some may shy away from putting a picture of their rear end on a public blog, but let me tell you this:  I'm not caring today.  My bum fits nicely into all the pants I have and I've never had a complaint about my derri√®re.

On to the running stuff because I just don't want to talk about my back side any longer.  Today's treadmill run included a .5 mile warm up, 6 mile tempo run, .5 mile cool down, walk to finish out the time on the treadmill to the nearest multiple of 5 minutes.  The run went well and once I made it past the first three miles I felt great.  Next up:  10 miler this Sunday at the last Winter Series.  I have never actually run a 10 mile race so what ever time I get will be a PR.  I have not decided if I'll use it as a training run or to see if I can hold my hopeful half-marathon pace for 10 miles.


Pinkhatrunner said...

Ok those short did kind of look funny from the backside. Know punt intended. I have never seen shorts like that. But, I do like it when my shorts hold everything in. I'm all about spandex. Good Luck on your 10 miler on Sunday.

Aimee said...

What IS up with those seems? That's crazy! Are they comfortable though?? I've heard great things about compression shorts from guys, but nothing really from the women. Maybe it's because women aren't comfortable wearing them with those crazy seem lines! Ha ha! You, on the other hand, look great in them!

Jen said...

First thought - NICE BUM!
2nd thought - way to crank it out on the mill... I hate running on the mill.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

I would agree that those are some weird seam placements! Clearly not designed by a women! But if they are comfy - and didn't want to wear them out - you could slip a pair of shorts over them.

Great working out on the treadmill. I am planning on using the treadmill at work tomorrow.

Check out my post! You will LOVE IT!

Molly said...

I think the seams target the different muscle groups....don't you love the handle that you grab to help pull the shorts up??!!!

I don't get the long drawsting either...: )

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I have a pair too. What did you think? Have you wore them after hard workouts or only during a workout? I'd love to hear what you thought of them. said...

that backside is totally bloggable! hahaha...but I know what you mean about the seems. I've been wear-testing a pair of Under Armour tights and i really like them except for the seems outlining my butt...and all the seems are bright pink!