Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January In Review

January 2011 is already done!  It has gone fast and thankfully I have done a lot during the 31 day month.  Here's a little recap:
  • 1/1 Hangover Half Marathon with Amanda in 2:21:52
  • 1/9 Winter Series #3 5K for me and the 10K for ADP.  I got a 59 second PR with a 28:00 and ADP got a 10K PR.
  • I thought about going to the gym a lot.  I never actually made it to the gym.
  • I ran 84.19 miles this month.  I was going for 100 miles, but since I was sick for over a week and missed a long run and a whole week of running I'm happy with 84.19 miles.
  • I skipped a race because I was sick.  It was frigid the day of the race so it is good that I decided to stay home.
  • I ran 15 days this month, which is 48.4% of the days.  Next month I'll break 50% as long as I stay healthy.

February is looking to be a good month with two races (Winter Series #5 this weekend and the 3-person Marathon Relay 2/20) and a new schedule for me to follow.  I hope to get some good mileage in because I still have 965.81 miles to my mileage goal this year.


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Hahaha ... "thought about going to the gym" we can all relate to that! Great job so far, no doubt you'll make your goals!

J said...

Great job on January! I love your little pie chart! I use one as well to keep track of my miles!

Christi said...

Great January numbers!

Ewa said...

You had a wonderful month.
Now you can make a New Month resolution about going to the gym. Happy February to you.

AbigailRuns said...

You had such a great January! Can't wait to see your February stats!

Pretend this is real said...

Way to stay on track. Great job!

Jenn said...

Nice work! January treated you well! Good luck with the Winter series this weekend!

Molly said...

love the pie chart!!