Monday, February 14, 2011

Accept What is Given

I strayed from my training plan because I accepted what was available to me this weekend.  I am happy I did it because the weekend was so much better than planned because I accepted what was given to me.
ice skates, oh my

Saturday, Punky was invited to a birthday party at an ice rink.  Punky had never been on skates so when I found out the "helpers" were only two in number (as compared to a gaggle of kindergarten girls) I laced up a pair of ice skates for the first time in over a decade.  I tried to gracefully guide Punky around the rink over and over again.  I managed to stay upright and even skated backward for a lap or two.   I figured I would be sore on Sunday because of the "new" activity on Saturday.   Thank goodness I was not sore!

Sunday I was given unlimited time to run from ADP.  He had things to do, but said he could take care of watching the kids and getting his things done at the same time.  So, I scrapped my plan, 11 miles-easy, and opted for 13.1 miles pushing myself.  I did push myself and if it weren't for the breaks I took, I would have a PR.  I set the treadmill at 6.0 mph and 1% incline and took off running.  I took a break to roll out my ITB at mile 1, had to take a pit-stop at mile 4, and took another break at mile 8.  While I would have gladly kept on going after mile 4, my treadmill only goes up to 99 minutes.  I doubt I'll ever run a half marathon in less than 99 minutes, so I knew I'd have to stop and reset the treadmill at some point.  I did it at mile 8.  I did stop for a brief conversation with ADP about the kids sometime after mile 8, but I don't know when it was.  In the end, I managed to do 13.1 miles running plus .28 mi walk/cool down yesterday.  Like I said, if I had run straight through I would have had an almost 2:00 PR, but I didn't so I'm enjoying the fact that I ran 13.1 miles yesterday.

Today, I had to take advantage of the nice weather.  
It is Valentine's Day and it was 50F this afternoon!  Regardless of my long run yesterday, I had to go out for a short run this afternoon to enjoy the weather.  As you can see above, it isn't supposed to be 50 tomorrow.

It may be warm, but we have lots of snow
It was quite windy, so I didn't bother to put my hair back.  All the pictures I took look like I'm going uber fast because my hair is flying backwards.  Sort-of funny.

 I couldn't go run on a nice day without my best furry friend.
Maddie, happy to be out and about
 Two things I've missed when it's been cold:  my garmin and Maddie.
Maddie and I kept it short.  She hadn't been out on a run in a couple months and I ran long yesterday.  Our loop was 1.66 miles at an ave pace of 9:59/mi (16:35 total).


Emily said...

so jealous! i can not escape my desk to go and run in the BEAUTIFUL weather. it keeps teasing and tormenting me!

Christi said...

Great run on the treadmill!

AbigailRuns said...

Great run!

Jill said...

Excellent job on the long run, so nice of ADP to allow you unlimited time to do whatever :). Happy Valentine's Day, girl!!

mindysmarathon said...

Great work! I can't believe how much snow is on the ground.

ajh said...

Looks like a good weekend. It's been awhile since I have been on skates myself!

Pinkhatrunner said...

What an awesome run on the treadmill. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather.

Anne said...

Excellent weekend! Good job on the 13.1 :)

Jake said...

Finish marathon in 99 minutes. Yeah, my treadmill can do it but not me. Sigh.

Molly said...

nice job on the treadmill! I can't wait for Frank to be old enough to go for long runs!