Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Series #3 Race Report

When you sign up for a race in January in Upstate NY you are never quite sure what the weather will be.  Yes, it is winter, but that doesn't mean much (look at last weekend - it was 45F!!).  Today we were not quite so lucky.  I checked the weather before we headed out and here is what I saw:  25F, 12 mph winds, feel like temp of 15F.  Hmmm, it'll be cool with a wicked wind for part of the race.
Suzy & ADP before the race
ADP and I bundled the kids up and headed down to the start of the race.  Thankfully we both pre-registered for this free race so all we had to do was initial we were there.  We signed the kids in to the kid activity/care table and were off to stretch (ADP) and find friends (me).  We found my winter running buddy right away.

Amanda and Yours Truly
The fog horn blew at 10 a.m. and we were off and running.  There were 3 races all starting at the same time, 3 miles, 10K and 25K.  I ran 3 miles and ADP was running the 10K so we started at the same time but going two different directions.  ADP is much faster than me so I knew when the 10K and 25K people caught up with me that ADP would pass me.  I my mind he was either going to fly past me and basically ignore me or I was going to get a butt tap.  It did not take long and my butt was being tapped as he passed me.  He also graced me with a smile as he took off running.

Field House...the start and end of the race
We had one of the same problems as last week:  WRONG DIRECTIONS!!  Thankfully, I've run this race before and I knew the way to go.  I was going along just fine and then there was a course marshall saying "5K this way (right), 10K and 25K this way (left)."  I went right and in short order was told to turn around because I was going the wrong direction.  All the people before me ran ~2.7 miles, instead of the 3 miles the race was supposed to be.  I kept going the way the map said I was supposed to and I was running all alone.  The rest of the people who were told to turn around ran the first part of the race again so they ended up with ~4 miles.  With my little detour, I ran 3.11 miles instead of 3 miles.  Not bad considering my garmin measured this race as 3.05 miles last year.  

I'm not big on shorter races, but give me some cold weather and this is what I get:  5K PR!  I wasn't trying for one, I just wanted to come in under 30 minutes.  I know the race was supposed to be 3 miles, but since the distances ranged from 2.7 to 4 miles I'm taking my garmin distance of 3.11 miles and calling it a 5K.
Total:  3.11 miles in 28:00 min (9:00/mi pace)
mile 1:  8:58
mile 2:  9:06 (walked to get rid of my side ache)
mile 3:  9:04
0.11 mi:  :52

When I finished I had to turn in my time (free = low key) and then I went back outside to catch ADP finishing his 10K.
ADP coming down the final straight away

Congrats.  Now fill out this yellow card with your information
I mentioned low key.  When you finish you get an index card with a number and you are supposed to fill in your name, age, time...which you have to get off the clock, and city.  Then hand it in and someone will enter the information in the computer during the day.  ADP's race according to his garmin:  6.2 miles, 40:40 (clock in the picture says 40:45), 6:34/mi, 7th place overall.  ADP's last 10K was when I was pregnant with Bugs back in 2003 and we have no idea what his time was so I'm calling this a 10K PR for his 30's!

We're doing well:  2 PRs in one day.  Now all we need is a PACKER VICTORY and the day will be as close to perfect as possible.


ajh said...

That is a low key race! Congrats on the PR

J said...

Congrats to you both on the PRs! It has been cold out this weekend!! Such a change from last week but I guess that is NY for you!

Kelly said...

I love races like that! Congrats on the PR.

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Great Job Suzy - I love running in the cold - but would prefer to have NO wind.

Yea - the Packers / Eagles are still scoreless!

Darlene said...

Congrats on your PR!!

Cynthia O'H said...

Love the low key. You both looked so great. Nice job on the PR's.

Aimee said...

Nice job on your PRs!!! I think at 15 degrees, I would have been frozen!! Brrrr!!

Anne said...

Woohoo congrats on both your PRs! Great pics :) That's pretty close to today's temp over here too!

Ewa said...

You walked and still PR-ed? Wow, you are fast.

Karen R said...

Congrats on you PR!

The Happy Runner said...

Nice job! They need to get that whole direction thing worked out!