Saturday, January 1, 2011

Test post with a picture

I am hoping I have this figured out. Forgive my test post, but how else can I find out if I have this right.

A benefit is that I have a picture of the bib I wore for my half marathon today (RR to come).


Christi said...

Pic is available so congrats! And great job running a half marathon today!

Anne said...

It worked!
Just read your planned races for are going to have a wonderful year. Happy New Year Suzy!

Cynthia O'H said...

I've never heard of a 1/2 on New Year's Day. I can't wait to read your report.
Happy New Year.

Jenn said...

Ooh! Anxious to read the report! I am completely technologically illiterate. Posting from my phone is just not in the realm of possibilities for me-ha! Happy New Year!

Black Knight said...

I hope you ran a good and fast half. Waiting for the RR with many many pictures!
Happy New Year.