Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Healthy, Happy, and Busy

I am finally healthy!  I have no idea how it happened so fast, but it did.  Is it a coincidence that within a week of being done student teaching I can finally breath through my nose?  Doubtful, but I think the two are related.

I am finished with all my coursework and I have gone for a run every day since Saturday.  Talk about HAPPY!!  Tomorrow I am sleeping instead of running.  I am not sore or tight, but I don't want to risk injuring myself.  I am happy I can run again.  I am happy to be done with school.  I am happy that not only can I run again, I am running again.  Let's say it again...I'm happy!  It all fits in with the motto that I try to live by:  LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!  I'm lovin' it.

I am very busy though.  I have no idea how I managed to do anything while I was student teaching.  I barely have time to sit down and relax (except for this morning when we had and all important girl's morning before I took Punky to afternoon kindergarten).  I'm so busy I have not even touched this thing called Christmas shopping.  At the rate I'm going I'll have to express all the gifts I plan on buying to family scattered across the USA.  Christmas shopping is not done, but this 150+ piece gingerbread house is glued to (little kid) perfection and on display for all to see.
I am working on choosing my 2011 races.  I'll post which races I am looking at another day.  I am still debating whether I'll tackle running greater than 13.1 this year.  Or, maybe I'll try a tri.  All decisions that will be made in due time.  Until that time comes, I'm planning on seeing if I can go longer than 10 miles this weekend.  If I can, then I'll plan on running the 1/1/11 half marathon.  If I can't pull it off, then I'll plan on running the 3.5 miler on 1/1/11.   I'll find a way to be HAPPY with either distance.

On another HAPPY note, only 10.56 miles to the 1,000 mile mark!!!!!  (yes, extra exclamation points are necessary on this one.)  My goal is to mark to occasion in pictures because you only have one first 1,000 mile year.


Teamarcia said...

That is a gingerbread mansion! Nice work on that and the running. Happy race shopping!

Emz said...

needed this post today.
Lovin' it.

Healthy, happy, busy = all good. ;)

Christi said...

I love the great lookin' gingerbread mansion! Question, do people actually eat them or are they for show and tell? I seriously don't know because that was never a tradition in my house when I was growing up.

Molly said...

so excited for you to reach 1,000!

Come on, do a 26.2 next year!!

I keep thinking of trying to get a NY Blogger meet up going, maybe at a race this summer????

Aimee said...

Yay for running and being HAPPY!

That gingerbread house is awesome! You should see's pretty sad looking!

Do a tri, do a'll love it! :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wow did you really make that?! it's totally awesome!

woohoo 1000 miles

Karen said...

Congrats on the 1,000 mark! That's awesome! Yay for being finished with school! Love the Gingerbread house! :0)

mindysmarathon said...

That gingerbread house is amazing! Congrats on the 1000, way to go!

J said...

That is one awesome gingerbread house! I need to get going on making Christmas cookies! I am way behind, but I have most of my Christmas shopping done thanks to online ordering!

Ewa said...

I think your happiness is contagious.
That gingerbread house is awesome. Good job.

Christine said...

1,000 miles - almost there! So awesome :) Glad your heathly too - always a blessing.

Badgergirl said...

I'm in awe when I look at that gingerbread house!