Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've Still Got It

First and foremost:  I am sorry I have not been by to comment on blogs.  I have no idea how some of you do it - full time job, family, life, and running?!?  It baffles me.  On top of those things, my solo week for student teaching starts on Monday (and goes through the next week due to Thanksgiving) so I have a lot of homework to do for my Supervising and Cooperating Teachers.  Until I'm done student teaching, I just don't have time to make it around to blogs.

After the hour run
I have lots to say, so I'll try to keep it as short as possible.  This morning I did the HMRRC hour RafFAL run.  I had nine miles planned and since I am no where close to finishing nine miles in an hour I got there early and did two miles before the hour run.  I was planning on between 3 and 4, but the respiratory virus I have just won't let go so I figured I should take care of myself and stay warm (a.k.a. be inside) instead of out in the 35F weather between my pre-run and the hour run.

I found Amanda before the race and we got to catch up!  It was good to hear all about her marathon and catch up on life since it seemed like it had been forever since we'd run together.  The race was $2 or a donation for the raffle.  I paid $2 and was set for a nice comfortable run.  My legs were still sore after Thursday's run for some reason, so slow and steady was the game plan.  The problem is that Amanda and I didn't quite do 'slow and steady' the whole time.  A few times we had to purposely slow down.  Once we talked about it and I let her know I needed to slow down but was trying to keep up with her.  The funny part is that she was trying to keep up with me.  I think we are well matched for running together.

The loot to be raffled off
The raffle details.  Run a 1 mile loop with about 1,000 other runners and a few walkers.  Every mile get a raffle ticket.  Run for one hour.  Challenge:  keep hold of all tickets during run and keep them somewhat dry because you have to write your name on it after the race.  Course record:  60 minutes.  (Ha, ha!)

Amanda and I each got 5 raffle tickets.  I'm happy to say that we both won something in the raffle.  In a few minutes the kids and I are going to have kettle corn while watching the Packer game (it's half-time so I'm typing fast).  Tomorrow morning ADP is going to enjoy some Dunkin Donuts coffee.  My family is benefitting from my morning run!

When the run was done, but before the raffle started I found out I've Still Got It.  I was in line to get some hot chocolate and the guy in front of me was wearing the same shirt as I was (from a previous race).  Well, I was holding my cup up and he wedding ring*...and then started talking.  I heard his running stats, how much he runs, how his 10K PR was at the race he was sporting the shirt from.  He was getting closer and closer (yes, it was cold, but most guys I know don't do an up-down look, check for a wedding ring, and then move closer just because).  He was a good 5-10 years my junior.  I left him mid-sentence saying something like 'nice talking to you' and just walked away.  ADP's response when I told him:  'Way to go.'  *I didn't know what the deal was with the tickets at the race.  Not knowing if I was going to be pulling my gloves off repeatedly I left my wedding ring home because I didn't want to accidentally loose my ring.*

Can you tell where the 1 mile loop was?  Look for the thick red line!
I won this!

I also won this!
7.32 miles
1:13:13 for an average of 10:00/mi

I know 7.32 isn't the 9 I had planned, but it is good enough for me today.


Christi said...

What a great idea for a race! And congrats for "still havin' it!"

The Happy Runner said...

Nice work! On both -- the run and still having "it"!!

I love that pic of you and Amanda.

Aimee said...

What a fun race! Yay for winning stuff! AND, yay for "still having it!" :)

onelittletrigirl said...

Winning is always fun!!!

ps- I'll let you in on a secret; we all struggle to keep up sometimes :)

Karen R said...

Cool wins!! I love kettle corn. Especially for breakfast :)

Shellyrm said...

Nice job on the winnings!

Runners always still have it! Nice boost for the ego.

Molly said...

Fun race!!! Love your winnings!

Black Knight said...

I like the new look of your blog full of stars. Is it a Xmas blog?
Congrats for "still havin' it".

Katie H said...

hahaha, of course you still have it ;)

Great job on the race and I hope your solo week is going well!