Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long time, no write

Hi everyone!  Thanks for sticking with me when I'm not here much.  I'm sure you are all curious about my first student teaching observation.  Actually, I had two formal observations last week - one by my supervising teacher and one by my cooperating teacher.  I'm happy to say both went well.  Round two is this week.  It should be interesting, hopefully in a good way.

I haven't been here much because I try so hard to stick to the 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.'  When I have a bad run I can usually pull some good from it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good thing other than I managed to finish some of my miles so I've been quiet.  Here's a quick rundown:

  • bad run for speed work
  • bad tempo run
  • quite after 6 miles of 10 during my long run
  • skipped my speed work run, attempted an easy run...not good
  • bad tempo run
  • finished all 12 miles this morning...on the treadmill

I hope this changes, and soon.  I got the 2-week notice e-mail about the half I have coming up.  It is only 2 weeks away and I can't imagine running it.  Three weeks ago I was ready and knew I could hit some of my goals.  Today, just hoping to finish all 13.1 miles.  As I said, I hope this changes soon.

I hope your running is going well!


Running Librarian said...

Chin up, you will rock that 1/2! Better to have some bad runs under your belt now rather on half marathon day. :)

MomRunningFromCancer said...

Sounds like you have been pretty busy with school. Hoping that it will lighten up a little and then you can get your mind more focused on running.

We all have weeks like this - life simply gets in the way and we get some miles in - but don't necessarily enjoy it or excel in it. But we do it!!

Julie said...

Hi Suzy,
I think it is awesome that your teaching is going well for you! I know how busy the fall can get with life:) You are doing a great job with not worry about your upcoming race. You are going to do great!

mommaof3ontherun said...

Chin up. It is hard to work and get the miles in and have a life! Be kind and patient to yourself!

ajh said...

Glad to hear the student teaching is going so well. The running will come back!

Christi said...

Keep up the positive thoughts and I am sure you will rock your half marathon!

J said...

WEll glad you are still out there! I feel the same - its hard for me to write a post if I don't have a good run. Its not exactly fun to write a negative post! Hopefully you will get back in the groove soon!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I'm glad your observations went well! I can remember how nervous I always got when I knew I would be getting observed!
I'm sorry you're having a bad week, but I'm sure things will get better!

mindysmarathon said...

You'll do great! Just enjoy the run. Glad everything with your teaching is going well.

Alan Dent said...

You have had a lot on your plate - keep positive - you can do it!

onelittletrigirl said...

This is such a busy time- stay positive and keep up the good work!

JenLo said...

It's such a tough thing to be on a totally new schedule with school and fall, and still keep your running regimen the same as it was. Hang in there--I commend you for putting in so much effort to keep up!

Katie H said...

You can definitely finish 13.1 miles Suzy! I have no doubt in your ability to finish strongly!

Kim said...

If you can do 12 ON A TREADMILL (I still can't fathom a treadmill run longer than a mile...), you can rock the half.

One mile at a time, Baby!